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Below are earlier reviews unsolicited from explorers dating from 2006, and are entertaining to read if you have some time.

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"Wonderful guide, stop for tea!"

We are a Kiwi couple (+ one younger brother) who booked through Morocco Explored on the strength of their Tripadvisor feedback. From start to finish I am glad that we did.

We travelled from Marrakesh to Fez over 5 days. Our guide was a wonderful source of jokes and anecdotes alongside the expected this and that information. He did not hold allegiance to the more any attractions or song and dance restaurants and at our request we were soon eating all sorts of weird wonderfuls! He has every reason to feel like rockstar we thought he was.

Accommodation was excellent.

Horrible, sweaty busloads of daytrippers race out to the desert and back. Listen to the horror stories. If you have the time go 4x4, take the back road and stop for tea.
Visited January 2011


"all around good experience"

Reviewed November 8, 2011
Booking and setting up our tour (4 day Marrakech to Fes) was simple, straightforward and thorough. Robin was responsive to all my questions and concerns.

We had Hammoud as our driver and guide. He was excellent, friendly and very informative. He was great with our 9 year old daughter and had a great sense of humor. He was also very responsive to our requests. A very pleasant person to spend 4 days with.

We visited Berber semi-nomadic family, Ait Benhaddou, took a great camel ride out into the desert and more.

If I changed one thing it would be to have explored the food a bit more. This isn't our driver's fault or ME's fault per se, but we are adventurous eaters and love to explore the culture through food. We always ate at establishments that catered to tourists. I know this is partly because of the concern of 'bugs', but we found the food to be too catered to tourists.

One recommendation: realize that in some places (Ait Benhaddou, Tinehir), there are separate guides that you will have to tip or pay for. For some reason I didn't realize this (assumed our driver/guide would do all of it), but our ME guide told us we could go without or with a guide so it was up to us. . The guide at Ait Benhaddou was useless (not Hammoud's fault) and I wish we hadn't taken him. The guide to the palmerie and old mosque in Tinehir was excellent and a delight. The tip to both averaged about 100 dirham (12US dollars).

One side note about the trip. We are a same-sex couple with transracially adopted daughters. We were uniformly treated with respect and friendliness by ME, Hammoud and the Moroccan people. Of course, more often than not the Moroccans couldn't figure out our family structure, but when they learned it or figured it out, they were friendly and respectful. ME was excellent in that regard of course.
Visited November 2011


"Responsive to tourist requests and an insightful look at Morocco."

Reviewed September 27, 2011
We wanted to see some of the countryside as the city experiences seemed quite touristy and similar. We engaged Morocco Explored and they collected us from our riad and drove us from Fes to Marrakech in a 4WD. They organized all our hotels, breakfasts and dinners. We visited markets, very unlike the Fes ones, vegetable fields, ruins, towns and our experienced guide patiently explained the Moroccan experience. Quirky requests such as riding a camel and horse were delivered. Well worth the money.
Visited September 2011


"Mountains, casbahs, and camels!"

Reviewed August 9, 2011
After spending two hectic days in Marrakech, this was a welcome change of pace. My husband and I took the 4 day/3 night tour from Marrakech to Fez and were paired up with a very pleasant mother and daughter. The tour guides were great! We had Essalah for the first few hours, then we had Dave. Alright, his name wasn't really Dave, but he gave us all Berber names, so we decided to call him Dave. You'll know him by his love of Celine Dion.

The countryside was beautiful and we took many pictures and visited a lot of historical sites and other attractions. On the day of our camel trek, there was a large sandstorm (and I had caught a cold), so it was very windy overnight. We still climbed the dunes, enjoyed a nice dinner, and camped out in the tents. It was a lot of fun and the next day turned out to be beautiful. I am not an outdoorsy person and I'm not a fan of camping, but when I look at the pictures from the sand dunes, I want to go back and do it again. Maybe even TWO days in the tent!

Booking the tour over the internet was very easy and we had no concerns at all. Robbin was very helpful and the four day trip is well worth the price. Both Essalah and Dave were excellent guides and a pleasure to spend several days in an SUV with. It was a very long drive but this tour was the highlight of my vacation!

Every time we listen to Platinum Hit Parade Volume 2, we will think of Dave, Morocco, and the wonderful time we had!
Visited April 2011


"We miss Morocco...and Hammou!"

Reviewed July 31, 2011
We took a five day tour from Marrakesh to Fes with adventures in gorges, caves, and sand dunes in between. It was the experience of a lifetime for us all--made possible by the kind and thoughtful and humorous Hammou--we will never forget his unpredictable sense of humor. When we had started the trip, we only knew a few things about Morocco, but by the end we felt like we could blend in, even in the busy back streets of Fes. He taught us , village life, travel smarts, and some very controlled driving! thank you Hammou! See you on facebook! (you should be on fb...)
All the accommodation we stayed at was charming with modern amenities, we were especially impressed by the flushing toilet in the desert! We would certainly not be able to see Morocco the way we did had we not picked Morocco Explored and had such a professional and wonderful guide as Hammou! Two thumbs up;)
Visited July 2011


"Great trip - highly recommended"

Reviewed July 30, 2011
Travelled with partner from Fes to Marrakesh on two night three day trip.
Am actually writing this in hotel that our guide dropped us at!

We never do organized tours so this was a first for us. Was skeptical about what value we would get however that soon evaporated.

Our guide Hamou picked us up right on time in a late model Toyota Prado which was clean and in good condition.

We saw many sites on our tour and Hamou was a absolute professional in his conduct interacting with us, driving and providing useful information. We also met two other guides in out travels who were also professional and good natured.

The desert camp was well run, clean and organized. The bedding was fresh and the food tasty. The other accommodation provided was also very good. Thumbs up.


"Ask for Hammou"

Reviewed July 26, 2011
Loved it! took the 4 day tour, 3 days wouldn't be enough. We felt like the tour was built for us alone. Hammou, what can i say about him? Hospitable, knowledgeable and relaxed. Ask for him, you wont regret it. he picked us up in Fes, i had an issue with leaving something in a restaurant and without a word he stepped in and helped me call the owners and sort through the situation. By the end of the tour we were sad to say goodbye to him. Awesome experience, one that we will repeat.
Visited April 2011


"Best guide in Morocco"

Reviewed June 21, 2011
My husband and I recently undertook a 5 day trip from Morocco Explored (Fes - Sahara Erg Chebbi dunes - Dades Gorge - Todra Gorge - Fes) and we would recommend Morocco Explored as a solidly reliable and good value tour company with excellent customer service. They have an office in Marrakesh and one in Canada, so there is someone on the ground in Morocco as well as abroad, and you receive very good Canadian customer service and it was no trouble for us to book from England.

It was abundantly clear to us that the primary reason we had such a good trip was because our guide Hamou stood apart as an excellent guide and driver. Hamou is superior to other official guides, many of whom - with the best of intentions - repeat an identical script about Morocco (presumably learned through the official tour guide qualifications process) and who inevitably take you to their mate's carpet shop, etc. and tell silly lies about the fact that mint leaves produce natural bright green dye and that the 8 bales of hay a 70 year-old woman has to carry on her back in a giant harness aren't actually heavy (even when you don't ask about it) - and don't get me started on the unsolicited comments about the hygenic value of circumcision. And here I except our hiking guide in the Dades Gorge, Mohammad, who was brilliant and who even had a friendly dog (Milou) who was trained to watch out for scorpions and snakes.

Hamou won't waste your time or your money, he is intuitively sensitive to the needs and preferences of his guests and he is always on time and in good spirit. He is also, and take note if you are going outside of the cities, an extremely accomplished and safe driver and believe me, you will need one because the roads/other drivers can be perilous and he's brilliant at off-roading (Morocco Explored have a Toyota Land Cruiser and it is good condition with A/C). Hamou even cooked for us and he can play the drums and cut up a melon into perfect 1-inch squares and he speaks several languages, practically self-taught.

The quality of your whole journey is ALL about your guide.

The hotels in which we stayed through Morocco Explored were honest and good value; the food was very good and the rooms had A/C if we wanted it. The one bad experience we had was when our Fes guide took us to the Najjare Restaurant in Fes (next to the area where carpenters make the marriage chariots). Thanks to Hamou, we had been able to avoid places like this the whole week but we didn't really know how to extract ourselves from it once we were inside because our guide disappeared and we thought we might be able to order one course (no). There wasn't a menu (and hence no prices) and we were presented with several courses of mediocre food that we didn't want for the equivalent of £50 (which, and let me look it up, yes, that is more than the cost of lunch at the Ivy or La Caprice in London). You may very well be up for that sort of lunch but if you are not, stand firm before your even step in the door of any restaurant. Having said that, it's a good idea to have a guide if you want to explore Fes in a day (otherwise, you may not be able to find what you wnat to see) and our guide showed us things we wouldn't have experienced otherwise.

We travelled in mid-June and, possibly because it's quite hot in June and possibly because of turmoil across the Middle East and North Africa, there weren't many tourists and this very much enhanced the experience. We had no hassle outside of Fes and not nearly as much as we had expected within it.
Visited June 2011


"Great experience and service"

Reviewed May 30, 2011
Did the 5-day Marrakech-to-Marrakech trip. Hamou, our driver, was prompt, efficient, obliging and informative. Overall a great experience. Thoroughly recommended but distancest ravelled may not be ideal for younger families. Accommodation was mostly good with food a little variable ( paticularly for western tastes with delicate stomachs !)
Visited May 2011

"What an amazing trip with Morocco Explored"

Reviewed March 15, 2011
My husband and I just got back from Morocco this past Sunday. We went to Marrakech and took a 4 day Marrakech to Marrakech tour with Morocco Explored. Right from the beginning, Robin was very helpful to help us organize our trip. She always responded promptly to answer my numerous questions. Our driver, Hammou, came to pick us up in our hotel with a pretty new and comfortable car. He made our trip way more fun than what we could imagine. He always tried to accommodate our needs and took the extra time to drive us to see things that you would never be able to see if you were on a group tour. He had a great sense of humor and was very passionate showing us his country and culture. He would stop by at various spots just to let us take pictures. He even took us to find fossils TWICE! What a great experience! And the Morocco Sahara desert is just amazing! We have traveled to many places and we have to say that it's definitely worth coming to see the Sahara desert once in your life time.
Overall, we had a fabulous experience with Morocco Explored! We definitely strongly recommend them to people who are interested in visiting Morocco!
Visited March 2011


This tour was, in every aspect, simply outstanding. Rest assured we have been, and will continue, recommending Morocco Explored to all our friends and family. We have every intention of returning to Morocco and when we do, we know who to contact. We have happily added our positive review to tripadvisor. 
Our thanks to you both and sincere best wishes for continued success in the future,

S & J Evans, Australia, 2011


Essalah was wonderful and got a guide the very next morning. We couldn't have been happier with Hamou. He was great with the kids, super at explaining and showing us around and wonderful at answering my many many many questions. He made the trip so enjoyable and we feel like we have a lifelong friend with him!Not many people can say that they have had mint tea with Nomads who live in a cave! It was truely a very humbling and extrodinary experience. 

Hamou was also very helpful when my daughter got sick and needed to see a doctor. We were so impressed! We would reccommend him highly to anyone traveling with Morocco Explored! 

Essalah, was also wonderful in answering our calls and arranging for a guide and taxi service. The trip was MORE than we could have expected!  It was truely an adventure of a lifetime. It felt surreal from the moment we landed.

Thank you so much for arranging everything for us. We will definitely be reccommending Morocco Explored to all our friends wishing to visit!
S Preston, USA, 2011  


Hi Robbin,
Just to say what a wonderful trip. Rach and I had last week (19-22nd March), Marrakech to Marrakech. Hamou was a fantastic driver - great fun and very informative, and it felt like having an extra friend along on the trip. It also worked out well with Carrie, the American girl who had signed up to join us.

Rach's birthday cake in the desert was AMAZING! Full credit to Hamou for making this happen in such a special way. The lunchtime before the camel trek, I managed to get Hamou to one side to ask him about organising a cake for the next day, but Rach reappeared before we had managed to set a plan, and we had to change the subject quickly so she wouldn't guess we were plotting something. To my delight though, this lack of plan didn't deter Hamou, as he went ahead and organised a lovely cake, which he carried across the desert before sunrise, from the hotel to the sand dunes where we were, and then he decorated Rach's camel with balloons (us girls were up in the dunes so had no idea any of this was going on!), and then he hid while Addi the camel man brought the cake and balloon-adorned camel to Rach - much to all of our amazed delight! So, after all that effort, poor Hamou didn't even get a piece a cake, as he was hiding and we didn't know he was there!! (We gave him a big piece of a different cake the next day).

Anyay, this is just one example of the extra mile that Hamou regularly went to on our trip, to make sure we had a great time. We learnt a lot from him about Morocco and its people in the 4 days of the tour, and wesaw many fascinating places. I would happily recommend Morocco Explored to other travellers (and will be writing a review on Trip Advisor). I am also pleased to say how much I loved riding the camel, having been a bit unsure about it beforehand. I would do it again in a flash!

Please could you forward my thanks to Hamou for making Rach's birthday so wonderful? It was a lovely surprise for me as much as it was for her!! I also feel bad as Hamou gave me his business card with his contact details on when we said our goodbyes at the end of the trip, as we were going to stay in touch, but somehow I have managed to lose the card between there and the UK - grrrr. Would you be able to pass on my email to Hamou please, so he has my email address (and to thank him for making the trip so memorable) and he can contact me if he has time.

Thanks again to Morocco Explored - definitely a trip we will remember forever.

Best wishes,
S Hill, UK, 2011


Hello Robbin
Well, we are back and our trip was quite wonderful. Morocco is amazingly diverse and beautiful. Can't think of a place that I would not want to return to. Hannah took over 1000 photos and judging from my conversation with her mother yesterday, she did take a lot in. I hope and believe that she will be a good traveler to developing countries in the future. Robbin, Ronnie and Hannah join me in thanking you.
L Corshen, USA, 2011


Hi Robbin
I just wanted to say what a great time I had on my tour in May/June. It exceeded my expectations. Essalah was a great guide and I really relaxed.

If you want a testimonial, the following points are my experience and I don't think they have been made on your other testimonials on the site.

'The trip far exceeded my expectations. I was a single booking 'tagging along' on someone else's trip already booked for 3; in the end two 'single bookings' joined the group of 3 and we made a varied, lively group of 5. A really fun experience. My biggest decision for 4 days was 'Will we have lunch now or later?'. I would love to travel with Morocco Explored again
D Fulwood, Australia, 2011


Dear Robbin,
My husband and I just came back to Chicago on Sunday from Morocco. We would like to thank you and your staff for helping organizing our trip. We had a great time and we were grateful to have the driver, Hamou to take us around. He did a really good job helping us enjoying our trip as much as possible. We will definitely put a good review at the trip advisor website.

Thank you again for all your help!  We can't wait to go back to Morocco again.
A Yu, USA, 2011


"really exceptional level of local knowledge and comitment to making it work"

Reviewed May 14, 2011
We had a great 4 day trip from Marrakesh to the Sahara. Lots of driving but made manageable by the stops along the way. Our guide, Hamu, was fantastic, taking us to various individual stops. He seemed to tune into what we mentioned in conversation - fossils or films and found places along the way that focused on these. We were two adults and two 10 year old children and the driving could have been difficult. But the conversations, quiet jokes and insights into the culture meant the time in the car felt part of the experience. Although we had expected the camel trek to be the highlight actually the journey there and back, the amazing scenery, the stops, the extra small things - helping the kids find fossils in the desert - was actually even better. The camel trek and night in the desert was also really good but had a slight sense of unreality - it's clear the dunes are an island in the rocky, scrubby desert around, that they are studded by camps and lines of camels all snaking through them and if the whole 4 days had been about getting to them I would have been disappointed. As it was the trip felt fascinating and amazing. Hamu made it frankly. if you read this Hamu, thankyou and the children have told all your jokes in school.
Visited May 2011


"Wonderful trip - highly recommend Morocco Explored"

Reviewed April 29, 2011
A friend and I did the four-day (3-night) desert trek, from Marrakech-Marrakech, with Morocco Explored last month, and we had the most fantastic time. I would recommend it wholeheartedly and I really hope yesterday's terrible incident in Marrakech does NOT put people off travelling to Morocco. Our experience of Morocco was of a beautiful country with wonderful people.

We were drawn to book with Morocco Explored not only because the itinerary sounded great, but because it gave us the flexibility to say what date we wanted to start the trip. Robbin in Canada was very helpful with any email enquiries we had before we booked. Once there, our driver, Hamou, was brilliant - very funny, very thoughtful and informative, and he did everything he could to make sure we had the best possible experience on the trip.

We had asked Robbin to open up the trip to other travellers who wanted to join us, to try to fill some of the spaces in the car. One other person signed up to join us, and this worked out fine. The car we travelled in was very comfy, and the accommodation was varied but fine (a different place each night); the first place we stayed in had run out of hot water in the morning when we had our showers, but we realise on this sort of trip that you just get on with it. It's all part of the adventure :)

It was my friend's birthday while we were there, and Hamou helped me by organising the most amazing memorable birthday surprise for her. I won't say what the birthday surprise was, in case he arranges the same thing for anyone else in the future - I don't want to ruin the surprise! - but Hamou went above and beyond the call of duty in organising it. This is just one example of the lengths he went to, to make sure we had a great experience.

We saw many amazing sights on the trip, and Hamou would stop frequently for us to take photos. We weren't 'herded around' on the trip at all, and could let Hamou know if we wanted to do something else nearby, or stop to see something we had spotted. He also advised us on food (my friend and I are both strict vegetarian) and we ate very well on the trip. We went fossil-hunting, had tea with a nomad and his goats, had a snowball fight in our flipflops (the air was warm!) and of course saw the kasbahs, beautiful desert scenery, did some off-roading, which Hamou (and the rest of us) clearly loved, and had many good conversations. And of course the night in the desert! I had been a bit apprehensive about riding a camel until I tried it, but I absolutely loved it, and I would do it again in a flash if I could. It was the most relaxing and lovely way to see the desert. and instead of sleeping in the tent that night, we moved our matresses out to sleep under the stars, as it was a very bright moon and the sky was too amazing to miss.

This was definitely a trip we will remember fondly forever. If you are the type of person who loves to really see a place, and not just be a typical 'tourist', you should definitely check out Morocco Explored as we had a wonderful time. And ask for Hamou!
Visited March 2011


"Great if you have limited time to see Morocco"

Reviewed April 26, 2011
My friend and I did the Marrakesh to Fez 2 night 3 day tour. On our way to the desert, Erg Chebbi, we passed several Berber villages and kasbahs and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes as we went over the High Atlas Mountains. We stopped at Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which serves as a backdrop in many films. We stayed the night in Dades valley in a so-so hotel overlooking the gorge.

In the morning, we continued on to the Todra Gorge, which is beautiful, and got a tour of a Berber farming area and village by a local. We were shown how Berber carpets are handmade by local women, but we weren't pressured to buy. We continued on to the highlight of the trip, the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and the camel trek and overnight stay in the desert. The Berber host was very nice and accommodating. After an hour or so camel trek to the sleeping area, they set up camp and cooked tagine while we climbed the dunes. We slept outside under the stars with our group. Overall, it was a very pleasant and memorable experience.

On the third day, we took an 8 hour drive through the Middle Atlas Mountains on our way to Fez. We passed through Ifrane, a wealthy town which is a great contrast to the rest of the places we visited in Morocco, as well as the woods near it where monkeys roam.

How did I like Morocco Explored? Overall, it was good. The driver and tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, but he may have stakes in the company, so I am not sure if all tour guides are professional and Westernized in a way like him. It was a great tour to take if you are under a strict time limit, as I'm sure a lot of travelers are, and have the budget for such a trip. Morocco Explored is not by any means a bargain, and is not aimed at backpackers or those seeking really authentic experiences. You will feel like a tourist, as you drive around in a luxury SUV. You will probably see a lot more on this tour than you would have by yourself (unless you have tons of time and are willing to take the regional buses), but what you lose is authenticity in your experience. Also, please note that besides the up-front cost, you are paying for a lot of food along the way, as well as tipping the guides and other random expenses. So remember to add some budget on top of what you already allocated towards this tour. Also, we were warned by the owner of Morocco Explored that the 3 day tour from Marrakesh to Fez was very fast and we may be compromising seeing and experiencing some sites along the way. She was right, so I would recommend doing this tour in longer than just 3 days. Either than that, I have no complaints with the tour and would recommend it to others.
Visited August 2010


Dear Robin and Essalah,
Thank you for a wonderful tour - Marek and I had a glorious time, and it was the perfect way to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Essallah - thanks for making our trip so fun, enjoyable and memorable ! Your energy, passion for Morocco, humour, easy going attitude and ability to know exactly what we wanted to do/eat - was invaluable. Your friendship, and invitation to dine at your home on our last night,was a wonderful end to a great trip for us. We have travelled extensively around the world over the last 20 years- and you are definately one of the very best guides we have had the good fortune of travelling with.
We will be recommending your company to our all friends - and hope to return soon with our 2 sons in the future.
Kind Regards,
T & M Rucinski, Australia, 2010


"Loved our Fes-to-Marrakech Tour"

Reviewed February 13, 2011
Our guide, Idriss, was great, which made for an excellent trip. In addition to visiting each of the sights on our itinerary, he listened to the things that interested us and added them in, like finding a butcher in Rissani that sold camel's milk for us to try! That being said, the main attractions on the tour were pretty awesome, too (especially the trip to the desert at Erg Chebbi). We felt like we hit the highlights along the way and weren't too rushed. The restaurants and hotels along the way were a bit more touristy than we would have liked, but given the need to cater to all tastes, we found their choices understandable.
Visited January 2011


"Unique experiences and lots to see"

Reviewed February 12, 2011
We did the 4 day Marrakech to Marrakech tour.

- We were under the impression that the tour price covered entry fees to monuments, museums, etc. so a bit disappointing when we were asked to pay for these, or provide 100 or 150 dirhams to local guides. Although they were never expensive, they do add up, just would have been good to know about this in advance.
- Restaurants we were taken to for lunch were expensive (at least compared to other places we had been to in Marrakech) and all set menus. The set menus were an issue. We'd prefer to be able to choose a small meal for lunch, especially when you are getting back into a 4x4 and going off road or on windy roads, our stomachs were definitely put to the test. By far the best lunch we had was a simple bbq at a rest stop with our driver!
- Local guides were not all high quality, although this may not be entirely under the control of Morocco Explored, but perhaps something they should look into. We were not fussed about guides that ended their tours in their shops as we have experienced his before and used the opportunity to learn about their trade, asking lots of questions and learning more about rugs and berber tradition that we otherwise would have.

- We only had a week in Morocco but because of the Morocco Explored tour we saw and experienced so much, a lot that we never would have had the time or resources to organise ourselves. Although there is a lot of time in the car, there are plenty of stops and always astounding views to take in. There are just the right amount of sights to see spread out over the 4 days.
- Our driver Hammou was fantastic! Aggressive enough on the roads to get us along in good time, but never took unnecessary risks. He was welcoming and always checking how we were doing and if we needed anything. As we got to know him, we also appreciated his sense of humour, and willingness to talk to us about any aspect of Moroccan culture we asked about.
- The camel trek and camping in the Sahara desert was an experience we will never forget. In particular the opportunity to sit down and converse with desert nomads over a meal was a major highlight of our 4-week overseas trip. There were several other unique experiences along the way which made the whole 4 day tour a complete package and we have many stories to tell our friends and family since returning home!
- The vehicles were excellent. Although Hammou's car had some trouble with a battery, which we were very glad did not occur while we were in the middle of the desert.
- Accommodation was very good. Clean, good food, hot water in all.
Visited January 2011


"You can't miss the Moroccan Sahara!""

Reviewed January 18, 2011
I am an American living in Morocco and Morocco Explored was recommended to me by Peace Corps and Fulbright people living here who book with them when friends and family visit. After participating in the 4-day Marrakech to Marrakech tour with two female friends, I am definitely thankful for the recommendation and want to pass it on. I whole-heartedly agree with the other reviews here about the kindness of the guides and drivers and the professionalism of the company and the owners (I met them both first hand and can attest that their commitment to eco- and social-consciousness is sincere). A few other thoughts about desert treks in general and Morocco Explored in particular:

My visiting friends were skeptical about traveling so far from Marrakech, but I was adamant that they had to see the Moroccan Sahara. Yes, we had to spend a lot of time driving, but the beautiful scenery and desert experience is so worth it. The moment you find yourself sitting on top of huge sand dune looking up at a gazillion stars with nothing but complete silence around you, you will agree.

A few months before I had been on group tour to the same desert area with a different (cheaper) company and it was an awful time due to the harassment we experienced from their desert guides. It was shocking how different the Morocco Explored experience was: the desert guide we had was mature, serious, and professional. He was also a great cook and an excellent musician!

I've stayed in a number of desert/mountain auberges throughout my time in Morocco and they've all been basically the same. They are functional places for sleeping and eating while on the trek. Personally, I find them rustically charming but if you are looking for fluffy towels and pillows and ultra-attentive service, I recommend that you bookend your desert trip with a stay at a riad in Fez or Marrakech. Lack of consistent hot water can be an issue anywhere in Morocco, especially in winter. We had sporadic hot water at the auberges we stayed at with Morocco Explored, but we also had the same problem at the upscale riad I booked on my own in Marrakech.

The mountains and desert get cold at night, and in the winter it can get very cold. Central heat is virtually non-existent in Morocco. Make sure you pack clothes that you can layer on and off. For the desert trip, it would be smart to bring your own sleeping bag or a sleeping sheet.

Finally, the Atlas Mountains have very windy, steep roads. If you are prone to motion sickness, I definitely recommend bringing along some meds, etc.
Visited December 2010


"The only tour I would go on!"

Reviewed January 7, 2011
As a loather, in principle, of tour groups, I was skeptical when my friend suggested we take the Morocco Explored 4 day Marrakesh to Marrakesh tour. I relented because she lives in Morocco and said we absolutely had to see the desert if we were going to see Morocco. I'm tremendously grateful for that leap of faith. I am quite sure we wouldn't have seen as much if we'd wandered aimlessly.

ME is owned by an eco-conscious Canadian artist and a Moroccan with great insights into the country's culture and history. They're both incredibly open, professional, accommodating, and really love and care for Morocco. Our driver Hassan was lovely and funny too, he suffered nobly through my attempts to speak Arabic and was a very safe driver.

The camel trek was awesome, in January I suggest a sleeping bag. The mountains, the Sahara, Agadir, the gorges, and kasbahs were gorgeous but the people were the best part. This is really a wonderful and well-run company for travelers who don't think of themselves as "tour" people and probably those who do.
Visited December 2010


"Brilliant and educational"

Reviewed December 6, 2010
There is not much more that we can say about Morocco Explored but BRILLIANT. We took the 5 day tour from Marrakech to Erg Chebbi and then finished in Fes. Our driver Hamou was probably the sole reason why this trip was unforgettable and was the highlight of our 5 weeks o/seas. He was always checking to ensure that we were comfortable, had experienced what we wanted to in each destination/region and was so laid back it made us feel welcome and relaxed and always safe.  He was a wealth of interesting information. In respect of the tour itinerary, Hamoud was always prepared to go out of his way to either fit in extra things we wanted to do or stay longer in a particular place. He was such a likeable bloke and his knowledge of the country made us hire him for an extra day to take us to Chefchaouen.  As for the company itself, congratulations to being such a well run organisation and constantly ensuring that our needs and expectations were being met - well done Essalah and Robin. Your assistance in preparation was much appreciated. Kathy and I would love to be able to come back (maybe with our kids as well)!!! and any trip will be with Morocco Explored


"Excellent, Flexible tour that takes you off the beaten track"

Reviewed November 29, 2010
The small group tours are amazing, they seem to be more personal. The guide we had, Hammou, was very knowledgeable, gave us options of what we could do each day and went out of his way to make our trip memorable. The hotels that were selected to stay in were also very comfortable and the food was very nice. If you get the chance allow Hammou to choose different places to eat rather than the tourist trodden restaurants.


"Morocco Explored"

Reviewed October 21, 2010
Morocco Explored really looked after us well on our recent first visit to Morocco. Their approach is not to package, but build a trip around your requests - you tell them what you have in mind and they make suggestions for an itinerary to achieve it. We had a couple of days in Marrakech and then a four-day trip in an air-conditioned 4by4 over the Atlas mountains to the desert, and it was just right - safe but challenging. We stayed in varied yet always comfortable accommodation, and as well as the sites we had planned to go to, we were taken (with our agreement) to other interesting places that the driver's excellent local knowledge enabled him to recommend. Morocco Explored also work hard to make sure that the arrangements are successful - which cannot be assumed in a second-/ third-world country like Morocco. An indicator of the attention to detail was our visit for lunch to a cafe for what was promised to be - and was indeed - "the best omelette ever" (done in a tagine). When we arrived the cafe had run out of bread, but the Morocco Explored driver drove to the nearest village to buy some.


"Terrific inland, mountains and desert experience"

Reviewed October 20, 2010
Ask for Hammou as your driver. Honorable and humble man. We learnt more about the country and the culture these 4 days with him vs. any other book or guide. Excelent.

The hotels and inns that they use are simple, clean and decent local food.

I recommend the 4 day package. 3 days would be too hard in terms of rest.

The sleep over in the desert one of our best experiences ever - God's marvelous design at its best.


"Great time, Great fun!!"

Reviewed August 26, 2010
we booked Morocco Explored for Fez-Marrakesh trip. The tour guides were extremely fun and energetic, always look out after us. They are quite knowledgeable about all tour sites and took great care of us by showing us best photo spots on each site. I would highly recommend taking tours with Morocco Explored!


Robbin & Essalah,
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for making our recent visit to Morocco so wonderful. From the moment we decided to take our tour with Morocco Explored the communication for payment, itinerary and information was clear, straightforward and easy. Most importantly though, from the moment Essalah greeted us at our hotel we found our tour incredibly enjoyable.

We feel very lucky that two key aspects worked out perfectly. Firstly, the other couple who joined us, Lauren & Adam, were friendly and energetic, and secondly, that Essalah brought so much energy, knowledge, openness and humour to the group. His expert driving was appreciated through the winding roads of the Atlas and his willingness to give us a window into Moroccan culture was especially appreciated. We all felt really relaxed and comfortable during our wide-eyed journey through some of beautiful Morocco.

The accommodation was perfect, the food was delicious, and the activities and sights were perfectly designed. We always felt able to ask if we wanted to stop quickly for a photo or have input about when and where we stopped for lunch. We cannot overstate the important role which Essalah played during the tour. It is quite remarkable that he made such an impression in such a short amount of time. We felt comfortable and confident in all our interactions with locals, and were able to get help with everything from protocol to pronunciation advice. His laughter, jokes and warmth will always be an integral part of our memories of Morocco. 


"A fantastic trip - well recommended"

Reviewed May 3, 2010
My wife and I took a three day, two night trip from Fez to Marrakech with this tour company and it was a pleasure from start to finish. We thought that the trip was extremely well organised and efficient and our guide (Selah) was excellent. Aside from his excellent command of english, we found him to be a veritable fountain of knowledge in terms of the scenery and local customs and nothing was too much trouble for him. We also really appreciated the fact that there was no pressure (unlike other guides in Morocco) to buy from the various shops or stops we made along the way and he took us to some excellent "off the beaten track" eateries where we ate like kings (the best omelettes ever) for a fraction of the cost when compared to some of the more "touristy" restaurants and the company and chat was great craic.

One thing we did realise though was that a three day trip really isnt sufficient time for a journey of that magnitude, we covered something over 1000 kms in just three days and it was a lot of time spent in the four wheel drive, although it was a comfy enough drive and we were kept entertained by Sellah's musical choices. If we were to make a recommendation to anyone else considering a similar trip, we would definitely recommend that you take the four or five day option and spend less time in Marrakech. Overall, it was a pleasure and if you can get Sellah as your driver, you're sure of a fun trip and definitely no time for snoozing in the jeep.


"A once in a lifetime experience!"

Reviewed April 13, 2010
We booked the 3 day camel trek before leaving for our vacation in Marrakech to ensure we would be travelling with an English speaking guide. We were definetly not dissapointed with a personalized tour for our 4 person group and an awesome guide who fulfilled all our requests while teaching us of the countries culture. Riding the camels into the sahara and seeing the sun rise from the dunes was an unforgettable experience. Being two 20 year old girls we felt completely safe the entire time and all accomodations and meals provided in the tour were excellent!


"Great Company"

Reviewed April 7, 2010
We booked a 3 day trip from Marrakesh to Fez. We basically asked Morocco Explored for a certain trip, they accommodated and exceeded every expectation. If you remember that
a) you are in Morocco and b) there is plenty of driving to do in Morocco, you'll be in for a good experience! 3 days was a good amount of time to get from Marrakesh to Fez and see everything in between.

Jeeps are clean. Drivers are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.


"very good experience!"

Reviewed April 5, 2010
Booked a tour from Marrakesh to Fez for 3 nights and 4 days (including camel trecking). We had a fantastic experience!!! We had 2 different driver (Essalah the owner and Hamou) both were very good and made our trip amazing! They are very open to any request or suggestions from us.... They are proud of their country and want us to feel as good as possible. The hotel we stayed in were nice and very clean!

The whole experience was better than expected!!!

Recommend this company to everyone!!!


"Morocco Explored Tour Company"

Reviewed February 24, 2010
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My girlfriend and I took 4 day (3 night) tour with Morocco Explored in December 2009.

In brief, we enjoyed it and, based on our experience, we would recommend this company to others considering something similar.

We have included a little more detail below for those that might be interested.

Here is an outline of the itinerary:
Fes - Erg Chebbi
Erg Chebbi - Tinehir
Tinihir - Dades Valley
Dades Valley - Marrakech

We were picked up in Fez by our driver and guide, Hamou. It was just the three of us though larger groups are catered for as our 4-wheel drive was quite big. The trip, by necessity, entailed a lot of driving – up to 8 hours a day - but this wasn't as bad as it might sound because there was plenty of wonderful scenery, frequent breaks to take photos and see sights and also because the conversation was good.

Day one took in the somewhat unexpected alpine picture-postcard village of Ifrane, lunch at a lovely palatial affair in Azrou, the Ziz Valley with it's huge limestone walls with date palms following the path of the river below and, ultimately, the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi – our destination. From a hostel at the edge of the dunes we took a sunset camel trek into the desert stay overnight in a berber tent. This was the highlight of the trip – a combination of the beautiful quiet of the Sahara, swaying (lurching?) camels and our friendly guide (and cook and musician) for the evening, Mohammed. Our tent was comfortable and not nearly as cold as we thought it might be. And we got to see a great starry sky before it clouded over. Dinner was a hearty and tasty Tajine.

Day two started with a dawn camel ride back to the hostel on the edge of the dunes. After a shower and a breakfast of orange juice, coffee, pancakes, bread and jam we were back in the car and heading to Tinehir. This included a visit to a market which may not have changed much since it began God knows how many centuries ago, a stop at a fossil workshop and a tour of the palmery at Tinehir by a local guide. The tour unfortunately culminated in us being taken to a house where we underwent a rather uncomfortable experience of being sold carpets – something we read about by another person who travelled with Morocco Explored. Hamou primed us in advance that this would probably happen but we would both have preferred for this not to be a part of the itinerary. Nevermind. Our hotel for the night was not bad, we were the only ones there I think until the arrival of a newly married couple for their wedding night!

Day three and after a similar breakfast to yesterday – no sign of the newlyweds - we headed off to the Todra Gorge. It was ok but seemed a bit spoilt with a concrete road running through the bottom of it. Carrying on in through rugged terrain with occasional goat herds by the road or dotting hill sides we stopped off to see a nomad family which was wonderful and sad at the same time. We left thinking how much more complicated our lives were but how utterly poverty-stricken this family was. Before long we were on the roof of the car while Hamou drove us along. It was great waving to astonished kids as we drove through the craggy countryside trying not to slide off the roof. We finished up in the spectacular Dades valley which included a stop at a great restaurant perched over a fantastic view and finally our hotel by the river deeper in the valley. The hotel was more of a hostel in our view but the dinner was good and,before bed time, we were treated to an impromptu exhibition of drumming by a bunch of guys who may have known each other, maybe not, it didn't matter.

The fourth and final day of our adventure started with the short trip to Hamou's family home for some tea. We met some of his family here and a few of the family's animals, which was good fun. Afterwards we headed to Ouarzazate where we took in the film museum (not bad) and then headed on to the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ait-Ben-Haddou ksar (rather good). The final leg of the journey took us through the High Atlas with some spectacular views of snow-capped mountains before descending to Marrakech and the end of our journey.

All in all, we had a good time. The price of the tour seemed expensive at 10500 MAD for both of us (though it turned out to be the cheapest of the tour companies we looked at). On the other hand we simply would not have seen or experienced what we did had we see tried to organise something ourselves. Also our guide, Hamou, was informative, interested in us, polite and friendly. There was a lot of driving but - as mentioned above -there were plenty of stops to stretch our legs, to take photos and to explore. And Hamou made good suggestions for places to eat. If you decide to give it a go hopefully you will have a good time too.

Sanja and Chris


We would like to thank you very much for showing us part of your wonderful country. We had the most fantastic time and there were so many amazing things we got to see and do. In particular the camel ride and night spent in the dunes was something we will all remember but so too was all the amazing food we ate (Ribs, Tagine and Couscous) - Catherine.

Thank you sooooooo much for everything you did for us. While we were in Marrakech we bought a tagine pot and mum bought more girly stuff but we will call you early in the morning for anything. Wake up its early Essalah. Thank you so much for your amazing skills of touring advice to get us through this wonderful country. I had one of the best holidays of my life because of your help. As soon as you left us and we got to our Riad that afternoon in Marrakech we said that we already miss Salah - Brandon.

My favourite part was when we ate our first Tajine and you tought us how to eat it with the bread...hhhmmmmm it was so good. We will always remember you. I still remember when I swam in the really cold pool in Marrakech. bbbbrrrrrr that was cold. once again we just want to wish you the best and thank you very much - Ryan

Hi Essalah, as you can see we all had a great time, driven so much by the impression you were able to give through your knowledge and desire to share this with us. Thanks again and we hope to come back again - Neil
Pollock family, Germany, 2010


Hi Robin,
What a wonderful experience we had in Morocco. Although it started off badly with me being sick, it soon turned around. We had such a great time and although the drive was long crossing the Atlas mountains, your drivers certainly helped to make it memorial. We had Mehdi Bouhlila (a casual driver, but you wouldn't know it the way he looked after me when I was sick - a great asset) and Hisham for the rest of the journey. They laughed and joked with us and joined in some of the antics we got up to along the way. We couldn't have asked for better drivers as companions along the way.

The trip into the Sahara was magic. Watching the sun go down as we rode into camp was glorious. We just loved the nomad camp and the meal was one of the best I had in Morocco. Lying there looking at the stars was unbelievable - they were so clear and bright you felt as though you could count them. Enjoyed the entertainment (and your birthday cake). After a great nights sleep we watched the sun rise before returning to the auberge.

Although we enjoyed visiting all the other countries on our 11 week tour, this was certainly the highlite. Loved meeting you and your friends Robin, and being able to share in your birthday celebrations. Tommy, our guide in Fez was terrific and we can recommend him to anyone needing a guide. There are some great walks around Australia should you or your friends decide to come here. If you do, please let me know as I would love to meet you all again. The photos are of the camp but if you would like any others of our trip through Morocco I will send them.
All the best,
S Henderson, Australia, 2010


Hello Robbin
i am writing to share our experiences with morocco explored on our holiday from 3rd to 10 oct. we were warmly welcomed at the airport and brought to a beautiful riad for the night. next day we met Hamel our driver for the next three days. we were pleasantly surprised that we had a private tour to ourselves. and what an experience we had. Hamel went way beyond what you would expect with a tour guide. he was extremely polite curtious, nothing was to much trouble for him. he would slow down of stop if i wanted to take photos, lunch time he would inform us what was on the menu and order for us. he showed us around his family home and met his family. we had a great time going off road and met nomads who he asked if it was ok for us to have a look around..  he told us many stories and about life etc. in morocco. after 3 days it was sad to have to say goodbye.

We had a free morning in fez and a guide (Mohammond) for the afternoon who showed us around. we certainly needed one in fez... So all in all it our time with Hamel was absolutely fantasic and accommadation was surperb.

One little thing i would recommend would be for Maria (in Marrakech )to have some sort of map or at least some sort of suggestions where to go for dinner. We were aware that we could have organzied a guide but as we had been on
the road for over 3 weeks already and we were wanting just to rest before we started our tour. Unfortuately Maria did not seem to understand what we were saying. She did give us a card with the riads address.... but we did not know where to go and the taxi driver not understanding english....

Thank you and also Essalah for organizing this trip for us.
M and GIvill, Australia, 2010


Hello there-
I just wanted to thank you for having created such an amazing company that truly delivers above and beyond expectations.
I took the English language tour with Salah this summer, and had the time of my life with him. Salah became my friend, showed me tons of interesting things throughout the country, and made Morocco a place I would love to return to. I can not thank you enough for building such a great company.
Best wishes 
M Lisle, USA, 2010


Hello to you both!
I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to both of you for a wonderful experience in Morocco. It was truly amazing and both Xochitl and I enjoyed it very much, so thank you for all your efforts in making that possible.  From the planning before we left to our tour in Morocco, it all worked out beautifully and I would recommend Morocco Explored without reservation to any friends and family.

I also wanted to share some of the photos taken during the trip. Essalah, I know some of these are yours!  Thanks for being assistant photog along the way. Please feel free to pull a few of these if you like to use on your site or in your marketing.

As we discussed, my company handles public relations/media relations for a number of companies including one travel company so if I see any media opportunities here in the US that may be a fit for you guys, I will let you know. Let's stay in touch.
All the best,
L Lazarczyk, USA, 2010


I would like to thank both of you a fantastic trip that we experienced in Morocco! The good experience started with the booking till the end of our trip in Fez. The tour we had with Essallah and Hamou was fantastic! They are very
professionnal and made our trip a wonderful experience! I will recommend your company to all my friends and will for sure write a very good review on internet. I wish you all the best and hope I will have the chance to come back again to this amazing country that is Morocco!
Your new friend!
N Boucher, Canada 2010


Dear Morocco Explored,
We recently had a 5 day tour with your company from Fez to Marrakesh. We would like to let you know that Hamou, our guide, impressed us in every way. Hamou was personable, interesting, and he catered exactly to our tastes and needs. He was flexible and in short, he was absolutely excellent. I have been on MANY tours and had MANY tour guides. This is the first time I've had a guide that was flawless. Hamou was absolutely fantastic and we thought you should know.
LAston, Australia, 2010


Kathy and I went on a five day tour from Marrakech to Erg Chebbi and then on to Fes in September 2010. Firstly, we both want to say thank you for such a well organised tour and for the preparation material you provided before we left Australia. We don't have anything negative to say about our experience with your company and this trip was definitely the highlight of our 5 weeks overseas.

Secondly, a big thank you to Hamoud. Kathy says you should be dipped in gold Hamoud! (This is a huge compliment). We had such a good time with you and feel like we really experienced Morocco. There was so much beauty to see, and you were always able to help us understand our surroundings.

Your expertise was so appreciated that we were thrilled to capture more of your time so that you could take us on to Chefchaouen. On that point, I am really sorry that I didn't get an opportunity to say farewell to you properly in Chef...

Anyway, thank you again and Kathy and I wish everyone a prosperous holiday season and a great 2011. We would love to hear back from you Hamoud if you ever get the chance.

One day, Kathy and I would love to be able to bring the kids over - but only if Hammou is our driver!!!
P and K Dawson, Australia, 2010


Dear Robin
Thank you very much for your e-mails and your information. However, we had a great trip and everthing fell into place at the end. All in all it was a wonderful stay in Morocco and we like to return in the future for another visit to this beautiful and colourful country.
J Kiener, Italy, 2010


Attn Robbin Yager.
Many thanks to Morocco Explored for introducing us to the wonderful country Morocco is. The chosen route from Fes to Marrakech was notable for the diverse samples of the beautiful Moroccan landscapes and rugged terrain. Truly spectacular.

Our camel trek and overnight camp in the desert was a unique experience and even though we had camped a lot in the past, this was a night not to be missed. Our camel driver and cook was great and the targine supper delicious.

The accommodation at Vieux Chateau du Dades was a great selection and the setting in the gorge a wonderful place to relax after a hectic day's schedule.

Having said all the above, we did enjoy the tour and rank it as one of the highlights of our Morocco experience.
Best regards,
J Roggeveen, Australia, 2010


Hello Robin,
We're back from our Marrakech-Desert-Marrakech trip with Essalah and Hammou, and it was very good, indeed. They both took good care of us, were flexible, knowledgeable, and fun to spend a lot of time with. They added excursions and stops that were not on the itinerary, which added even more interest and fun.
The only suggestion that we have is to find restaurants with more variety in the menu. Almost all had the same choices of chicken or beef tagine, brochette, or couscous. The welcome exception was the Timbucto in Tinehir.
We will gladly recommend Morocco Explored to anyone.
J Mitchell, USA, 2010


Hello Robbin:
I am just writing to thank you for giving us the best holiday ever - everything was so well arranged and thought out and, of course, - we just could not have had a better guide than Hamou. I had never thought how adaptable a guide must be - he had to quickly learn that we weren't interested in food, and wanted to see all the animals, birds and history he could.

You must have bundles of letters from people like us thanking you so much for Hamou. What a dear kind thoughtful man he is. Quiet, peaceful, and my daughter thinks he's like a walking National Geographic - he knows so much about the flora and fauna of Morocco.  Everything he did just went that little bit further....we could not have been better treated.
Here are a few shots!

I asked if I could buy some bread in the middle of the day - this is the first time in my life it has been cooked for me personally while I waited! - what an experience! He knew so much about fossils and rocks - and even had a hammer! He showed us about palms - lent me a bird book and found us a chameleon! What a lovely man he is - we both miss him.

thank you to your company - what an unforgettable trip - and you will be called on by my cousin and her two children shortly AND other friends from New Zealand!
thank you! Best wishes to the whole team
J Gibbens & A Myhill, UK, 2010


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experience we had with morocco explored. We were a group of 3 girls traveling from sept 15-17, and i believe our guide's name was Hassan. Would you mind verifying that and letting me know his name and his email? We went from Marrakech to Fez. We just want to tell him how great he was!
I Serbanescu, 2010


Thank you so very much for these days. You are a humble, honorable and very kind man. Please accept our deep appreciation and gratitude. Warmest and kindest regards.

Robbin: Smooth operation you have. Congratulations. Very well done.
Wish you all the best.
P and C Quero, 2010


I just wanted to thank you (and, of course, Essalah) for a great, great trip. Yes, it was quick, but we saw so much and want to return! Please feel free to use me (and the kids) as references for future clients. We had a terrific time and felt well taken care of.
N Stanley, USA, 2009


I am writing to say how much we enjoyed the recent 5 day tour we took with Morocco Explored. The trip was well organised and really enjoyable. We especially loved our time in the desert and the camel ride. Our guide, Hamou, was brilliant; he was so thoughtful and anticipated our needs, going out of his way to take us to interesting places such as a Berber museum, a hamman and a Berber Pharmacy. He even invited us to his family home and his family welcomed us with a lovely home made refreshments. Could you please pass on our deep appreciation to Hamou?

We loved the whole trip and our great guide. If you are thinking of offering trips further into the desert or Africa we would be interested.
R Sandham, UK 2009


I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic trip. It was everything we'd hoped for and more. Partly due I think to the fantastic driver Hamood (apologies if i have mispelled this). He was extremely easy going and happy to adjust to whatever we wanted to do. He gave us a fantastic insight into local life and gave us plenty of information along the way. Many thanks once again,
K Waller & S Snape, UK, 2009


I wanted to let you know we had an amazing time and thought the tour was incredible! Everything was executed perfectly and Essalah was fabulous to meet and spend time with. He does an amazing job and really treats his clients to a first class experience! I'll be sure to recommend Morocco Explored to friends and family planning to visit Morocco!
E Honerkamp, USA, 2009


Sorry to be so long in replying, but things got rather hectic upon our return. MANY, MANY THANKS for your guidance with our Moroccan adventure. We loved every minute of it and only wish we could have stayed longer and slowed down the pace in order to enjoy each riad, village and area for longer. Our sincere gratitude for allowing us to share our time with Essalah. He was wonderful with all of us and shared his obvious love of Morocco. I think we did manage to keep him entertained as well--even staying awake and wacky for the long ride back to Marrakesh from the camel tour!

Also, the coastal riads and ride to Casablanca were gorgeous. That wild scenic Atlantic Ocean drive was spectacular and the daily living we were allowed to witness was a true pleasure. These last days involved much driving, but with scenic stops, goats in the Argan trees, watching the camels pressing olive oil, delicious seafood, and touring the fantastic Hassan II mosque, our time was well spent.

Our family of 4 cannot say enough GOOD things about Essalah. His great love of Morocco, his knowledge and wanting to share everything about Morocco with us absolutely MADE our Morocco Explored adventure!! Essalah's sense of humor, enthusiasm, personality, energy and ability to talk with all ages and cultures make him so unique! By the time he dropped us at the Casablanca airport after nearly 6 days and 2400 kilometers together, we felt we were telling a much loved family member good-bye! What a joyful, wonderful person to have met and guided our fabulous journey through Morocco! Essalah, we will ALWAYS remember you and hope to see you again in the future.

Marrakech NEW RIAD was beautiful and such a haven within the medina-quiet, warm, spacious, lovely Moroccan furnishings. The couple running it were so courteous and kind, we just wished we could speak Arabic or French in order to visit more. The first evening meal there was so delicious - a wonderful intro to Moroccan food. We felt quite fortunate to be there at the beginning and end of our trek.

Now I know why we needed a 4x4! Mustapha and Essalah BOTH EXCELLENT drivers on those crazy roads and fun to be with. Our 22 year old son thinks he knows how to be a better driver after the experiences!

Our (other) activities, sites and guides were absolutely wonderful, with the camel trek being the MOST OUTSTANDING adventure of our vacation! Erg Chebbi Berber tents. What a grand adventure... wouldn't have missed the experience for anything! Our camel guide/cook/host was very hospitable and helpful. We felt "looked after" and special, especially when we received extra blankets. A small heater w/in the tent would have made it much more comfortable for us, but we realize the safety/logistics of doing that is nearly impossible. The fabulous Sahara scenery, delicious dinner and authentic "feel" made it all worthwhile.
R Richardson and family, USA, 2008


I wanted to send you a brief note to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour. It was flawless start to finish, and I will never be able to think of Morocco without thinking of amazing (driver) Hammou. He asked us on the last day what he should do to improve, and Alexandra and I could not figure out one thing to change. He took every opportunity possible to teach us and show us new things. For example, I saw people selling the cactus fruits on the side of the road and simply asked, "What are those?" Next thing I know, we have pulled over and are tasting them. He was phenomenal. We felt we had a teacher, guardian, friend and comedian all rolled into one. We immediately trusted him and knew we were in good hands with both Hammou and Morocco Explored.

Thank you so much for trip of a lifetime!
L Speros, USA, 2008


We totally enjoyed our trip with Morocco Explored. Hammou, our driver, was not only professional but also kind, calm and insightful. He read us perfectly and set the right tone according to our mood and needs. We felt safe and well cared for. The organisation was superb! Our three days felt like a lot more... we really got a great glimpse of Morocco, and look forward to a return visit some day. Thank you Hammou and Morocco Explored!
Greetings from, Sara and Rogier, back home in rainy Belgium.
S Smerdon, Belgium, 2008


We are back after a fabulous time in Morocco. Thank you for your organization - everything ran so smoothly. The itinerary worked out well for us throughout the trip.

Our driver Hisham was excellent. Total flexible, helpful and relaxed. We would definitely recommend you using him again. Overall we were thrilled with the trip and would recommend your service to others.
A Sullivan, Qatar 2007


I just wanted to thank Essalah again for making our trip to Morocco such a great adventure. We all missed you terribly in Fes because we then realized how much you had been taking care of us!
We felt safe, well-fed, happy and totally comfortable in your care. I particularly appreciated your safe driving and reminders to drink water. We will never forget the incredible natural beauty of Morocco, the camel trek, the oasis of Tinehir, five-five and laughing and talking our way for five very happy days.
C Whittle, USA 2007


The Land Cruiser was very comfortable, clean and well maintained. We only had one hiccup - when the vehicle wouldn't start while we were at Auberge Yasmina in Erg Chebbi and neither would the hotel's car. Minor delay of about an hour. Other than that everything about the car was fine.

Essalah was terrific all around. He made the journey so much more interesting as he shared his insights and background into Morocco. With an engaging personality, wonderful sense of humor, and a candor, we couldn't have asked for a better person with whom to experience the country.

The itinerary and the accolades for Essalah are what prompted us to pick to travel with Morocco Explored. The trip was good and interesting. Wish we might have spent a little more time in the desert and in the Tinerhir palmeraie.
Overall, this was a wonderful experience - getting out of the cities and experiencing the Sahara Desert and the High Atlas and the gorges. It was a treat to spend time seeing another side of Morocco. The night on the camel trek in the desert will always be a highlight, but the most memorable part of our trip will be of our time with Essalah and his wonderful personality as our guide.
P Li, USA, 2007


The transportation greatly exceeded our expectations. Everyone was extremely happy with it, especially when we saw on the way what some other groups had to live with. Essalah is just the best (driver) there is!

The activities were well chosen and all of the activity guides were excellent. My brother, who was unable to make the walking tour in Todra gardens, was made an especial fuss of. He pronounced his afternoon with Mr. Abdelfadil as the highlight of the whole tour.

All (the guides) were exceptionally well qualified, indeed in some cases over-qualified. They all worked hard to make the activities enjoyable for us.

I was very pleased to have selected Morocco Explored, after investigating several other options. Overall, the tour was extremely comfortable, very much enjoyed by us all and excellent value for money. I was made for us by our guide Essalah, who we would have no hesitation in working with again or recommending to others. It was with much regret that we left him to swan off to Mali without us!
P Hobbs and family, UK, 2007


Thank you so very much for providing Kiran, Carolyn, Sheila and me with such a memorable Moroccan experience. While we enjoyed Marrakesh and Fez, the real journey occurred during the 5 days we spent with Morocco Explored. We experienced so many delightful sights - and an amazing amount of diversity. Mother Nature put on quite a show.

I also want to express our appreciation for Essalah. We realized just how spoiled we had become under his care when we arrived in Fes and had to navigate on our own! It was a shock! All our travel days went smoothly, which are a tribute to his professionalism. But, it is his warmth and humor that stays with us. I think we laughed our way across your country.

Please accept all of our thanks and appreciation.
S Lunden and friends, India and USA 2007


We had a great time, the car was very comfortable, with more than enough room. Essalah is a good guy. Knowledgable about the country, very friendly and a pleasure to be around. He seemed to know a lot of people and our diversion to the villages outside Tinerhir were a highlight. Adi, the camel trek guide was superb. Very funny, very nice to be around.

Great itinerary, being able to see the mountains, desert, and Tinerhir was great. Again, the highlights for us were the diversions to the small villages to meet Moroccans that weren't either in the tourist industry, or trying to sell us stuff, and the camel trek.

For the reasons above. We will certainly recommend to friends who go to Morocco, or next time we are back!
J Ratner, USA, 2007


Myself and a group of friends had a five day excursion with Morocco Explored and Essalah in particular. You sir, are one of the most generous, kind, thoughtful souls I have ever met. You went beyond what was required of you as our guide and made us feel incredibly welcome and more than comfortable. Your sense of humour, singing and of course your "girlfriend" (the 4x4) made our trip together one of the most memorable experiences of my life to date. The wonderful dinner we all had with you, your brother and father was one of the high lights of the whole experience. As was sitting in a tent in the desert with you and Hassan telling jokes all night.
G McBride, Canada 2006


My friends and I are just back from Morocco, where we had a most splendid time.

Essalah, our driver was superb and certainly made our five days with him most memorable. He was professional, attentive and above all fun to be with. We cannot praise him highly enough, he is certainly a great ambassador for your company.

His driving was safe at all times and the frequent stops for photos or to stretch our legs a welcome break. Essalah proved to be articulate and 'chatty', and taught us many things about the Moroccan way of life, and re-introduced us to the 'delights' of Cat Stevens!

Please can you pass on our Many Thanks to him. Morocco Explored is definately a company we would recommend to others or use again.
D Holland and friends, UK 2006


My partner and I visited morocco last September and took a tour with Morocco Explored and were fortunate enough to have Essalah as our driver for 3 fantastic days. Before leaving the UK, I found Robbin very helpful with payments, and itinerary questions that I had. Our first meeting with Essalah, was the day before our trip, when he drove to meet us on the outskirts of Marrakech. He met us with a smile and drove us as close to our Riad as possible, before paying a local to take us to the door (which he refused to be reinbursed for) and also to check we were ok and knew the plans for the following day.

The tour we were on mirrored a similar tour conducted by another firm that was cheaper but travelled in big slow mini-buses lacking air con! Throughout the trip we kept bumping in to these people who were complaining that their drivers didn't stop for photos, didn't speak english and wouldn't tell them were they were going or what they would be doing next. The complete opposite of Essalah, who was insightful, funny, and very accomodating for our requests to stop or stay in places longer.

When we arrived in the desert we left on our camels for our camp and shortly found ourselves in the middle of a sand storm, which was very exciting but we were not fearful as Essalah and our desert guide where brilliant. The sand then turned to rain as an electical storm blew over, and during all this Essalah was fantastic arranging for us to eat our dinner in the tent of a local nomad family who lived in the desert — which was amazing!

Essalah was fist class, very enthusiastic, and made the trip very funny and informative for us. Keep up the good work Essalah and Morroco Explored! I will recommend Morocco Explored to any friend of mine visiting Morocco in the future...
A Wrangles, UK, 2006


Myself and a group of friends had a five day excursion with Morocco Explored and Essalah in particular. You sir, are one of the most generous, kind, thoughtful souls I have ever met. You went beyond what was required of you as our guide and made us feel incredibly welcome and more than comfortable. Your sense of humour, singing and of course your "girlfriend" (the 4x4) made our trip together one of the most memorable experiences of my life to date. The wonderful dinner we all had with you, your brother and father was one of the high lights of the whole experience, as was sitting in a tent in the desert with you and Hassan telling jokes all night.
G McBride, Canada 2006


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Morocco Off Road Tours


Just a little note to thank you for all your help in making our first trip Morocco absolutely incredible. 
We very much enjoyed our 5 day 4x4 off road adventure.  Both drivers Hamou and Halid were very professional and explained everything as we were driving along, and even suggested stops for great photo's.  
Our trip was so amazing that we definitely would like to visit Morocco again and when we do will definitely use Morocco Explored and will recommend you to everyone.


We have just returned from a 7 day 4x4 'Hidden Morocco' trek with Morroco Explored and this was the ulitmate highlight of our trip to Morocco. Our guide Hammou was wonderful, friendly and very professional. Essalah has had wonderful previous comments and after meeting him I would say that he would have also been a great driver and host. Nothing was too much trouble for Morocco Explored and Essalah would check each day that all was going okay. We saw marvelous sites, some majical picnics in the middle of the Atlas mountains - with only nomads wandering around, it was the ultimate highlight of our trip and would totally recommend them!!
L Micalef, UK, 2009


We would just like to thank you for providing such a wonderful experience-our Morocco tour was simply the best experience we have had of our 8 month tour of Europe, Turkey and Egypt. We loved every minute and will never forget this fantastic experience. The places we visited were fascinating, the accommodations and food great. Value for money compared to other providers and also it was great to have our freedom to do what we wanted. Thanks to our driver, Abdul-some tricky places he took us (gorges) which made it even more exciting! Thanks to Essalah who met us at the start and half way through our trip and was great to chat to. Would recommend this trip (desert and camel etc) to anyone and the country itself-WOW! Merry Xmas. Kind regards,
J & J Dash, New Zealand, 2009


We wanted to say thanks for a great time in Morocco. It was a perfect introduction to the country, the itinerary was just the right mix of on-and-off road and our stopovers were at some stunning places! Many thanks to Essalah for the driving - also, for knowing some of the best views and photo-opportunities. We promise to give him some shares when we start up the "Monkey Hammam" business!

We wish you the best of luck for the future of the company and we hope to travel with you again sometime (Volubilis, Casablanca, Fes... etc., as well as a return to the desert).

We're happy to act as referees if you would like to list us on the site.
J Brown & F Downs, UK. 2008


We would like to let you know that we had a great trip with Morocco Explored... a very organized tour company and our trip itinerary ran smoothly. The four of us on the 5 days/4 nights desert tour were extremely pleased with your service and driver. All of us in our party were impressed with his excellent driving skills especially driving thru the Atlas Mountains region. We found our trip in the Land Cruiser very safe, relaxing and stress free. We enjoyed the music and entertainment.

You treated us... with respect and kindness. We all learned a lot in the five days. You were very accommodating when we wanted special stops or for having different lunches. You were very professional, listened to us and were fun to be with. It was a memorable trip.

After our five days of touring we were looking for a couple of days of R & R; you recommended Sidi Kaouki, it was one of the highlights of our trip to Morocco. The hotel, dinners and beach were out of this world. It was everything you said it would be.

Thanks for making our trip to Morocco special. We would definitely use Morocco Explored again and highly recommend to others.
R Purdy and family, Canada 2007


Thank you so very much for providing Kiran, Carolyn, Sheila and me with such a memorable Moroccan experience. While we enjoyed Marrakesh and Fez, the real journey occurred during the days we spent with Morocco Explored. We experienced so many delightful sights - and an amazing amount of diversity. Mother Nature put on quite a show.

I also want to express our appreciation for Essalah. We realized just how spoiled we had become under his care when we arrived in Fes and had to navigate on our own! It was a shock! All our travel days went smoothly, which are a tribute to his professionalism. But, it is his warmth and humor that stays with us. I think we laughed our way across your country.

Please accept all of our thanks and appreciation.
S Lunden and friends, India and USA 2007


We got to Merzouga late (8 pm) after stopping at Essalah's house. His family was amazingly kind and at the end of the visit, I felt I had a new set of family. What tremendous people. When we left, I told Salah that it would be near impossible to top that experience. We started the camel trek late due to the long travel time and seeing the stars at night and the sun rise in the morning was exactly what I'd hoped.
J Zimmerman family, USA 2006


I am sending you this e-mail on behalf of all our party to thank Morocco Explored for a fantastic time in the mountains and the desert, all without exception thought that this was the highlight of our visit. Please thank the drivers, Essallah and Salim for a wonderful tour and particularly how they looked after us.

My biggest dissapointment was not being able to say a proper "thank you" at the tour end - particularly to Salim who was my driver - because of the traffic chaos ensuing at the drop-off point, (and) because he was very friendly, good company and worked hard throughout.
R Spry and friends, UK 2006


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Day Trips from Marrakech


"Marrakech for families & the disabled"

Reviewed June 12, 2012
14 of us travelled to Marrakech for a 5 night stay, we did not realise it was the start of Ramidan which had a significant impact on the atmosphere at our hotel but in keeping this review in harmony with TripAdvisor guidelines that's all I can say about the hotel aspect.

We booked a day trip in advance with Morocco Explored to Ait Benhadou and Telehout and our driver arrived just before 8am outside the hotel in a very smart minibus (this was air conditioned but the air-con died en-route and we had to make do with the windows and doors being open which was ok). Our driver and guide, Hamal was absolutely fantastic, he was friendly, informative and very personable. He made the ten hour trip very, very enjoyable.

I will just add that I am disabled with very limited mobility so have to rely on a wheelchair for walking anymore than a few feet and Marrakech and the trip to Ait Benhadou is not really setup for peoples with such disabilities, so don't expect dropped curbs, nice flat smooth surfaces etc. That being said, Hamal made sure he pushed me in my wheelchair so my family could go off and view things and if you can immerse yourself in the culture and scenery you will still have a very enjyable trip.

Note: I also went down to the Souks in my wheelchair one night with the family which was a very interesting experience. While pedestrians see it as taking your life in your hands crossing streets and going down through the marketplace into the Souks I personally found that everyone stopped for me in my wheelchair, even the maddest of motorcyclists hahaha!

It was a fantastic experience and I would not hesitate going back to Marrakech (only not during Ramadan) and would definitely book with Morocco Explored again.


"Best one day trip from Marrakech"

Reviewed February 21, 2012
If one has a whole day to dedicate to an excursion around Marrakech, this is the one. We where lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day at the beginning of February and the Atlas mountains, which we crossed at the Tizi-n-Tichka Pass, covered in snow. When then decended towards Ouarzazate to the magnificent Ait-Benhaddou Kasbah. The scenarios and landscapes are unforgettable, but I would also strongly reccommend the choice of a good driver and knowledeable guide. We had both in the person of Hamou, who made our day comfortable and most interesting. We also visited the Telouet Kasbah, equally fascinating and hiding an amazing couple of rooms.

There are many similar excursions on offer in Marrakech, Morocco Explored gave us punctuality, good service, excellent veichle and a great guide. Thank you! We'll definitely come back for more!
E.C. Norwich, UK
Visited February 2012


"One great day in the mountains"

Reviewed November 12, 2011
We opted for a one-day trip in Tizi n'Tichka, Telouet, Ait Benhaddou. Our guide (=driver) picked us up at the Riad in the morning to take us on a 4X4 to the above places. We were sitting in the car in the majority of the day, still it wasn't boring, as we stopped at many stunning places to take pictures & admire the view and the guide was sharing a lots of interesting and historical facts, stories during the journey. He was very kind and took care of us during the whole day. Next time we come back for a longer trip!
Visited November 2011


"Day trip to Atlas and"

Reviewed June 29, 2011
Actually did this trip in Jan 2010 - but can't backdate that far in trip advisor - still such a memorable day that my daughter using for a homework piece today- so though I should write a review - Really great company, great driver ( who tracked me down by a call to my hotel the night before) - evidence of health and safety considerations with details requested of insurance/next of kin etc confirmed firms professional approach - Driver great/ flexible and spoke reasonable English to communicate - Would like to do longer trek another time and, certainly recommend
Visited July 2010


"Great day trip from Marrakech"

Reviewed May 21, 2011
An almost 3- hour-drive brings you to the lovely Ouzoude Waterfall northeast of Marrakech. Expect lots of walking - You can view the cascades from above, but you have to be fairly agile to get down to the bottom for more spectacular views. On the way, there are great photo opportunites posing with monkeys scampering off behind you, and once at the bottom, posing with the backdrop of the falls . There are open-air restaurants at the top, midway and at the bottom, along with plenty of stalls selling typical Morrocan products. Of course you can make your way alone, but if you prefer to pay a guide less than 10euros, he can accompany you along the route, pointing out details and assisting you across the rocks at the bottom (unless you'd like to hop on one of the very colorful boats). Don't pass the fresh orange juice stand without sampling a refreshing glass for about 40 cents.
Visited May 2011


"Great daytrip excursion: from Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou"

Reviewed March 23, 2011
We did a daytrip excursion from Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou. Morocco Explored handled everything from the start very professional. We had booked three cars, our drivers was from Morocco Explored, very kind and he spoke a lot of languages, which was nice.. The other drivers had to be arranged from other organizations because Morocco Explored had no more drivers left, unfortunately the other drivers were not talking so much (but that was OK). Our trip took about 1,5 hour longer than expected (probably because we had 3 cars instead of one? And we had a lot of photo stops on the way) - which was not a problem for us - but that led to the us not really seeing Telouet, which was part of our trip. But we did not mind very much, we had seen a lot of beautiful things. Especially the Atlas Mountain was great! The area is very colorful with white snowy tops, green fields on the north side and drier red sand slopes on the south side. Ait Benhaddou is a beautiful end goal for a trip with beautiful.

Thank you Morocco Explored for the great time!
Visited March 2011


Hi Robbin,
I meant to send you the feedback before I was prompted. Mainly because I was extremely delighted with the trip and your service. However, I could not do so as I have had a gadget meltdown in Morocco - my work phone was stolen on our first day in Marrakech, my laptop hard disk crashed on my last day and my personal mobile's display failed on Christmas eve. 

Anyway, please find my feedback below. I will also re-enter this into tripadvisor - I believe you have done a great job and definitely deserve the recommendation for it.

- Hussain was very friendly all through the trip. I have two kids - aged 3 and 5, and they got friendly with him right from the start - to the extent that the kids wanted him to be around on the next day too! 
- Hussain was very courteous, had a good knowledge of the places, its history etc., and definitely did not try to take us for a ride with all the sellers or places where we would be swamped by people trying to sell their products. Indeed he was a great tour companion.   
-The car that we were provided was very well kept and quite new. We were really happy with the quality. 
- We were greeted promptly at 8am at the hotel, and all the places on the itinerary were covered and we were dropped back on time. Definitely great service! 
- I was offered cheaper alternatives when I got to Marrakech and at our hotel. Many were in the range of 800 - 1200 dhs. But, to be honest I am not sure if I would have received the same level of quality I received from you guys.

So, maybe I might have paid more than the normal price, but I am extremely happy with the service. Thank you very much once again! 

Please also thank our driver and guide Hussain for me. He definitely played a large part in making our trip really memorable. 
s ma, india, 2011



Dear Robbin,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you to you and especially Hamal, our wonderful driver and guide when we visited Marrakech last week.

We booked the Ait Benhadou excursion and Hamal arrived promptly to collect us from our hotel in a very smart minibus. He was very warm and friendly and we were especially touched by his fatherly care with the youngest member of our group, Kia who is only two-years old.

As it was the start of Ramadan we were quite aware and concerned for Hamal by the end of the day trip because he had not eaten or drunk anything for the ten hours we were with him, but he kept his wonderful friendly approach throughout.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to Hamal for making our day trip a wonderful experience and something we will always remember with fondness. We will return to Marrakech in the future and would love to book another excursion, and if possible have Hamal again as our guide.

Our only concerns were that the air conditioning in the minibus failed quite early in the day and we had to have the windows and roof vents open, and Hamal seemed worried we did not enjoy our trip,…WE MOST CERTAINLY DID ENJOY IT!

Best regards,
C Land, USA, 2011


Hi Robbin,
Just wanted to pass on our thanks - the whole family had a really great day. Very happy with the organisation and professionalism of the whole trip - we'll certainly be recommending Morocco Explored to other people.
J Marsh, UK, 2010


My daughter and I have just come back from Marrakech.  While we were there we arranged a day trip to Ait Benhaddou with your tour company.

I just wanted to let you know that we had an amazing day trip into the Atlas mountains, our driver/guide Naeem (hope I have spelt that correctly) was fantastic, really nice, friendly, intelligent guy, he spoke excellent English and had a great sense of humour. Please pass on our good wishes to him. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will not hesitate to recommend your tour company to other travellers.
Many thanks,
Kind regards,
J & K Hunter, UK, 2010


Hi Robbin,
We have just returned from Morocco and I wanted to say how much we enjoyed our day with Essalah last week. We had the most wonderful time, saw the most beautiful sights and very much enjoyed Essalah's company and all the interesting information he passed onto us.
He was incredibly professional throughout and fortunately completely unphased by my altitude sickness which was quite embarrassing!.
Please pass on my thank yous to him and I do hope that we get back to Morocco to partake in another trip.
Many thanks
H Hayes, UK, 2010


Hi Robbin, back home again in Spain now. Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our trip you reccomended to Ait Benhaddou. Everything was perfect. Our Driver (Mahmud?) was brilliant, charming and informative. We won't hesitate to reccomend your company to anyone we know travelling to Marrakech, and will definitely book with you again on our next visit. More than happy for you to use any comment that you see fit. Much success to you, four happy pensioners. Thanks again. Kind regards.
E Whitehouse, Spain, 2009

Thanks so much for organizing this trip for us. We had an amazing day out and a wonderful time!!! We were especially impressed with our driver/guide/joketeller Hammou who really enhanced the day trip experience! He was polite, pleasant, knowledgeable, and a very safe driver with a wonderful sense of humour. It was lovely to meet him, and he is definitely an asset to your company.
Thanks again!!!
R Baizie, UK, 2009


Luckily for us we said hello again for a daytrip to Essaouira. We had such a relaxed day there, and ate a ridiculous amount of fish, and smiled for another day! It was strange to return to the hustle and bustle of Marrakech after the hazy decadence of Essaouira! In other words, we felt that the company was professional and friendly, and we got a holiday of a lifetime above and beyond what could ever have been expected.
K Magowan and her mum, Ireland, 2008


We returned to the states late last night. Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Morocco and that our driver, Ibrahim, was outstanding. He was very patient, polite and quite knowledgeable about the various areas we traveled (Ait Benhaddou, Ouzoud and Essaouira). I appreciate your help. I wish you continued success.
V Tazian, USA, 2008


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Best of Morocco Custom Tours




Reviewed 6 June 2012
My husband and I did the Beaches & Deserts of South Morocco Tour and absolutely LOVED it from beginning to end. We spent 8 days, 7 nights in Morocco and on the tour. Our driver was fantastic, very knowledgeable and helpful. Each place we visited and stayed was unique and fabulous. Our tour had us staying two nights in Sidi Kaouki, three nights in Tafraoute, one night in Taroudant and the final night in Marrakech – the tour was paced perfectly we enjoyed our time in each place, but we were always excited to be moving on to explore the next location. Each Riad/Hotel was unique and wonderful. Our driver took us on walks through villages and we met lots of locals. This trip took us off the beaten path of tourists and we loved it. The trip was just myself, my husband and our driver so it was totally customized to our liking.

We can not say enough great things about Morocco Explored, from beginning to end it was fantastic and if you are trying to decide which tour company to use – you will not be disappointed with Morocco Explored. They are FANTASTIC! Thank you for a trip with memories that will last a lifetime!


"We loved Morocco and Morocco Explored did a fantastic job showing us the country."

Reviewed December 27, 2011
Morocco Explored went out of their way to plan a wonderful trip and show us everything that we had time for. We were there for 8 days and could have easily spent 2 weeks. Our driver was great and so were the guides that showed us very interesting sights and took great care in explaining the culture. We are looking forward to returning to Morocco & we will surely recommend Morocco Explored to our friends and family.
Visited December 2011


"Amazing holiday in Morocco with Morocco Explored!"

Reviewed December 7, 2011
I recently returned from an amazing 11-day trip to Morocco and want to refute all the scary stories we heard and read before our trip. Our travel party was made up of 3 Asian ladies – obviously we were mistaken for Japanese everywhere we went. However that does not stop us from having a fabulous time.

I must say we went on the trip with a lot of caution and prejudice. We did our homework and read a lot of reviews (on Tripadvisor and other travel blogs) and finally took a leap of faith and picked a travel agency – Morocco Explored. Not only were their response fast, Robbin was very patient and accommodating to all our many requests, advising us on the best itinerary for our short trip.

We arrived in Casablanca after 18.5 hours of traveling to find with a sigh of relief our driver, Abdou, waiting for us at the arrival. The 3rd person in our group was delayed in Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris and will arrive only 7 hours later. In dismay, perhaps it's cabin fever, we told our driver we can't wait at the airport, we needed to get out. He coolly said: "Let me call the agent", and came back with "Why don't we go explore the famous mosque in Casa?"

Right from that moment on, we knew our time in Morocco would be wonderful. We did the whole circuit from Casablanca to Marrakesh, Ait Benhaddou, Merzouga, camping in the Sahara at Erg Chebbi, Fes, Midelt, Volubilis and back to Casablanca. Before our trip, the only images we have of Morocco were the medinas, souks and the desert – we couldn't have been more wrong! There were so much more in between – the mountains, the palmeries, the valleys, the snow peaks, the fertile fields, the music, the cultures, the languages, the off-road adventures, the food, the Nos Nos, and last but not least – the wonderful, warm, generous, open and hospitable people – who has touched us so much.

We left all our preconceived judgment behind us and opened ourselves to absorb all that the country has to offer. Our very patient local driver/guide Abdou, became our teacher, bodyguard and friend. He introduced us to his people, language, culture and music. We appreciate the details Robbin and Abdou went through to make sure our dietary request was met. One of us has severe allergy to cheese and fish and everywhere we went, Abdou actually went and briefed the kitchen!

We were not the typical tourists – we asked many questions and wanted to eat wherever the local ate and made many unscheduled stops wherever we see something interesting. We made our driver take us into the Souk in Risanni – which looked like it was stuck in time. We ate roast chicken at a street-side eatery and went searching for nomad families to visit. We made countless stop just for a great cup of Nos Nos!

Unfortunately, he had to leave us halfway through our journey, as it was Eid and he hasn't seen his family. Even though we were disappointed because we had so many more questions, before he left, he arranged with the agent for another driver to pick us up the very next morning.

Right after breakfast our new driver, Ismail arrived to take us to Fes, and another driver, Ahmed, drove us from Fes to Casablanca. Even though we had very short time with them, they too were really nice and professional, and Ahmed was hilarious.

We only had two bad experiences out of the entire trip with Hotel Tomboctu at Tinehir and the kids at the Glaoui Kasbah. Please don't let this discourage you from having a great experience. I just like to caution my fellow travelers.

At Hotel Tomboctu, the greedy foreign hotelier who took on a big group reservation, told us we had no confirmed reservation when we arrived – which according to our agent was not true. Instead of the triple room we had booked, he offered us a single and a double room that we found out later must be the worst rooms there. Our rooms were dirty, tiny, crumbly, cold (no heater), the lights in the bathrooms were not working and there were no hot water for our shower. At first we thought it was part of the charm staying at a 'real' Kasbah. We only found out just before we went to bed, that there are other rooms far superior to ours! We were too tired to fuss over one night, we were just glad to get out of there the next day!

The other thing I would like to caution all are the cute little kids who hang around the Kasbahs. Some of them may be less innocent than they look. I had my bag unzipped, while a group of them took interest in the pictures on my camera. Though nothing was taken – it was not a nice feeling. Most of the kids were quite sweet especially the little nomad boy we met tending to his herd of goats in the middle of nowhere. Like in any big cities in the world – I should have been more careful.

I had intended this review to be short, informative and positive. Maybe we were just lucky. The beauty, warmth and hospitality of the people, including our drvers and guides, really surprised us. We had nomad families giving us tea, bread and even offered to cook us couscous!

In the end, I think what you get out of a great trip is what you put in to it. A little bit of humour, a lot of heart, courtesy and smile goes a long way. If you can learn a few Arabic or Berber words, greet them and they will greet you back. Other than that, ignorance is bliss, just smile and walk away. Go with an open heart and mind and you will just fall in love with the country and it's beautiful people. We all came back with thousands of photos, great memories, wind in our hair, and sun in our hearts – and you will too!

Karen and her trav buddies, Stella and Liz.
Visited November 2011


"Wonderful and very well looked after"

Reviewed November 25, 2011
We arrived here in Morocco and suddenly realised that we have not a clue what / where or when to do things, it was not until we booked our trip with Morocco expolred that we slowly began to get a better idea. This was all down to the skills knowledge and patience of our guide Hamou, he was awesome to go with and made our stay unforgettable. I would like to thank you heaps Hamou and if anyone else is looking to book a tour dont hesitate as it is well worth it!!
Visited November 2011


"'Morocco Explored' gave us an unbelievable experience"

Reviewed November 11, 2011
From the time we contacted Robbin and throughout the booking process and then throughout our trip beginning with meeting Essalah at Casablanca Airport until Hamou left us there 16 days later we had the most incredible journey----- through off road mountain passes; medinas and souks in Marakech, Fez, Essouaira; town markets where only locals go and sampling freshly dried dates and almonds; camel riding and sleeping in a tent in the desert; eating moroccan salads, mint tea, Berber omlets and tajines; staying in kasbas and riads; scenery that is indescribable and on and on. There were 4 of us, all in our 70's. Some days were a bit long but then to see all we wanted to it had to be this way. Morocco is a very arid land at this time of year. Hamou was a very special person who was so very accommodating--stopping for endless picture opportunities and seemed to sense our every need. Be sensetive to those people who are distrustful of tourist cameras. Some of the vendors in the souks can be annoying but you learn to ignore them as you also learn to dodge the motor bikes and donkeys. Be prepared to see more donkeys than you ever thought existed---they are a main mode of transport for goods and people, especially in the south. Be prepared also to see a landscape littered with plastic bags near some of the cities. We can learn a lot about being happy with much less consumer goods. Be open to the differences in our cultures and you will have an amazing adventure
Visited October 2011


"Tour without feeling too much like a tourist..."

Reviewed February 27, 2011
If the idea of being herded on and off a bus loaded with other tourists makes you cringe, then this may be the perfect tour for you. We were a group of four plus our guide in a single 4WD, so was much more close knit and personal.

From the moment we decided to take our tour with Morocco Explored the communication for payment, itinerary and information was clear, straightforward and easy.

Most importantly though, from the moment Essalah (our tour guide) greeted us at our hotel we found our tour incredibly enjoyable.

We feel very lucky that two key aspects worked out perfectly. Firstly, the other couple who joined us were friendly and energetic, and secondly, that Essalah brought so much energy, knowledge, openness and humour to the group. His expert driving was appreciated through the winding roads of the Atlas and his willingness to give us a window into Moroccan culture was especially appreciated. He knew some great places to stop for photos, try almonds straight from the tree or sample some real local food away from the tourist trail.

We all felt really relaxed and comfortable during our wide-eyed journey through some of beautiful Morocco. The accommodation was perfect, the food was delicious, and the activities and sights were perfectly designed. We always felt able to ask if we wanted to stop quickly for a photo or have input about when and where we stopped for lunch.

We cannot overstate the important role which Essalah played during the tour. It is quite remarkable that he made such an impression in such a short amount of time. We felt comfortable and confident in all our interactions with locals, and were able to get help with everything from protocol to pronunciation advice. His laughter, jokes and warmth will always be an integral part of our memories of Morocco.

This tour was, in every aspect, simply outstanding. Rest assured we have been, and will continue, recommending Morocco Explored to all our friends and family. We have every intention of returning to Morocco and when we do, we know who to contact.

If anyone wants further first hand information, we are more than happy to answer questions...
Visited February 2011


Dear Robbin
I just want to write to THANK YOU on behalf of my group for putting together an awesome itinerary for our trip in Morocco. We have returned from our trip just over a week ago, and couldn't stop talking about it with all our friends and family! We are already making plans to return before we even left the country! Now all our friends want to go as well!

We were amazed to see how big and beautiful Morocco is. Our only regret was not having enough time to see everything! 

We were a little cautious before the trip because of the many horror stories we heard, especially when we were traveling without a male companion in our group. However, we had a such a wonderful driver/guide, ABDOU, who picked us up at the airport in Casablanca from day one all the way to Erg Chebbi. He was so patient with us – answering all our questions; finding us cafes in the middle of nowhere for our many much-needed Nos Nos and toilet breaks; accommodating our many photo stops and more; stopping to visit nomad families and little nomad boy who was just walking his goats in the vast nothingness; always checking with the kitchen everywhere we went to make sure that one of our dietary needs (vegetarian with severe allergy to dairy and fish) was met! He even went to get salad (if he didn't make it himself) for us when we were lunching at the Berber pizza place in Rissani where apparently there was no vegetarian food. We were very grateful for that. 

We were very impressed with Abdou's caring nature and we never once felt harassed or bothered by anyone. If it wasn't for him generously sharing his culture, language (he thought us many Berber and Arabic words), his music and his love of his country with us, our experience would not have been the same. We know he was probably only doing his work - but we felt that not only was he professional, he did go out of his way for us. It was my birthday when we were at Erg Chebbi, my friend Liz had asked him to find a birthday cake for me secretly, and we didn't know where or how he did it – I got a birthday cake to share with everyone at the Gnaoua music place in Hamlia - It was one of the best birthday I ever had! He made our trip so enjoyable and educational. We highly recommend Abdou and Morocco Explored to all our friends.

The local guides we had were all very good (especially Dris in Fes and Volubilis), except for the one in Marrakesh.

We plan to make many repeated trips to discover more about this very beautiful country and its warm, hospitable people. We will send you some pictures once we edited them.
K Katz, singapore, 2011


Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.  Just wanted to let you know what a lovely time we had in Morocco. We absolutely loved the country, the people, the food and our accommodations were fantastic. Thanks for giving us the treat of having Salah as our driver. He was great and so were the guides. We will surely do again soon.
Thanks again.
Best regards,
D smith, usa, 2011 


Hi Hamou:
It has been over 3 wks since we bid you farewell at Casablanca Airport. Life is returning to normal here with frost on the ground at night, sunny cool days, visits with my father, grandchildren and friends. We are sorting through our many many pictures and are reminded of what an incredible experience we had travelling your country.

You were so accommodating for our every need and wish. There were so many highlights we have a difficult time picking any one in particular. Meeting your family was an honour and privilege we thank you for, lunch (the Berber omelet) at the top of the pass on our bone shaking trip through the mountains with the most incredible scenery is another, riding the camels and sleeping in the tent on the desert is another, being overwhelmed by the sites, sounds and smells in the medinas and souks another. Our drives from place to place with your information and humour made the time pass all too quickly.
We thank you for making our journey in Morocco an unforgettable experience.

If you have the occasion to visit our country we hope you will contact us so that we can show you our part of the world.
D & R Dorrington, canada, 2011


Thank you thank you thank you.... what an amazing adventure we had! From the moment Essalah greeted us at the airport, literally walking up to me and saying 'hi Wendy' we felt really attended to. Everything went perfectly and I thank you again, all of you, for your patience as we changed our plans several times. You were right about the desert, it was truly an unforgettable experience. Everyone we met, every driver, day guides, staff in the various accommodations...were so warm and engaging. We really felt like when we left we had friends there, and the connections throughout the country are incredible; everyone seems to know everyone. And everyone knows the same series of jokes and we had many laughs with that. We learned some wonderful drum beats in the desert from Adi and then from Youseff at the hotel; it was magical. As I"d told you, I always plan my travels and love to do my own research, so for me this was a big deal to use a company (a control freak, my daughter would add...) but this trip would never have happened nearly how it did if I'd done it on my own. 

We got caught in all of the horrendous weather issues in Europe ( took me 4 days to get home) and after our flight from Marrakech was cancelled after being at the airport for 6 hours, I called Essalah and asked if he knew of an internet cafe because we had to spend a lot of time trying to make all of the changes. He said no, he'd come get us and we could use his computer, and then he and Hamou made an incredible lunch for us. He offered to let us stay the night, which we didn't want to impose upon but we were so fried by that point that we took him up on his gracious offer. I promised him I wouldn't include that in Tripadvisor but I did want you to know that he and Hamou were amazing. I would like to thank Essalah in some way, I did tip Hamou, but I would appreciate it if you could suggest some way to thank Essalah for his kindness and going above and beyond what this trip was and for that, and so many other things, we both felt a strong sense of friendship with him.
So, if you can think of something, I would really appreciate it.

Best wishes for this holiday season and chokran, many times over.
W Kopald, USA, 2010



"amazing tour in Morocco with Morocco Explored"

Reviewed December 23, 2010
I had never used a tour company as I like to plan my own trips, but after much research, I decided to rely on the expertise of people who really knew Morocco in a way that would take me years to learn. I picked Morocco explored based on reviews and also because one of the owners is Canadian so I could easily communicate with her by phone and ask her my many questions which she patiently answered.

I was traveling with my 23 year old daughter and we wanted to explore as much as possible in 9 days. Robin planned an amazing trip, offering several options, and being flexible as I changed our itinerary at least twice. I wanted to spend at least 2 days in Fez, which meant one day in the desert, and Robin and the Moroccan guides explained many times that most people prefer the desert.

We decided while in Morocco to change to that, and they were right- that part of the trip was incredible, well it all was, but that was like nothing we'd experienced before.

The drivers and guides were all fantastic. they were all so knowledgeable, friendly, funny, and took us to so many places that we would never have seen on our own. They were also great drivers, which was important to me, as crossing the High Atlas Mountains was a bit scary to me. ( I know you are laughing Hamou if you are reading this...)

We experienced every type of accommodation, from a riad in a family home to a palace, to a Berber tent, to a wonderful riad in the Ouzoud Cascades. The day guides that Morocco Explored provided were fantastic, and our Marrakech guide invited us for a cooking lesson in his home when we returned to Marrakech at the end of our trip.

We left feeling that we now have friends in Morocco, especially after our flights were cancelled due to weather in Europe and we got so much help from Esalah and Hamou, 2 fantastic people. After the trip ended we both felt like we learned so much and that we were so expanded from this experience. We felt that we more than got our money's worth from this very full experience that this company provided.


"Good value for money trip."

Reviewed October 6, 2010
We found this company really good value for money and a good way to get the best out of your trip to Morocco especially if it's your first trip to Morocco and are unsure of what you want to see and do. The company we used Rough Tours 4 days/3 nights
We only had a week but had a really good itininery and it took the hassle out of having to organise routes and such as it was all sorted for us. Our week went like this :

pick up from airport
We had a day in Marrakech and a visit to places of interest with a guide, then we were taken to our Riad, which was of a high quality, but if you are looking for some where cheaper they will organise accommodation to your budget. Everyone was so helpful and friendly and our guide and driver went out of their way to ensure our trip had all the elements we had required.

visit of ait benhaddou, along the route of a thousand Kasbah's, there may not have been a thousand to count but it was a good day and the scenery was amazing.

Toudra gorges we stayed at a lovely small and friendly hotel with a great view of the gorge from the rooftop terrace. It was very Moroccan in style and we were made to feel welcome.

We continued on our way with some off road driving stopping off at many Berber village which are off the tourist trail our favorite was Ramlia,very nice small Berber village where we were made very welcome with glasses of mint tea, a traditional welcome in the real Morocco. Then on to...

-Merzouga for me the highlight of the trip as the camel trek was the big thing for me. We stayed overnight at small hotel setting off late afternoon to our camp in the desert where we stayed in berber style tents before setting off at dawn to see the sunrise in the desert, a magical experience, don't forget your camera. We arrived back at our hotel for a well earned hot shower and breakfast, before setting off to Ourzazate stopping off at Rissani market on the way.

At Ourzazate we visited a film set, interesting to see the sets of some major films.
Finally back to Marrakech for a last bit of shopping and an over night stay in a Riad before being taken to the airport for our flight home. Happy days.


"Morocco: Marrakech, Imperial cities tour and desert"

Reviewed September 10, 2010
In the summer, our family tries, whenever possible, to help our children learn about the world around them.
This year we decided to take a trip to Morocco to visit the desert and the Imperial Cities.
It turned out to be not only a trip, but particularly a humanly enriching experience for our children, visiting a country completely different from the western world and seeing firsthand the real day to day life of the Moroccan people.

"this is a fabulous way to travel"

Reviewed June 9, 2010
We had a driver all to ourselves throughout Morocco which enabled us to spend whatever time we wanted at sites and change the itinerary as desired. It was great. The driver was Berber and although his English wasn't great we did fine with a combination of English and French. In Fes and Marrekech we had fluent English guides. I would especially recommend the Riad El Yacout in Fes which was beautiful and had a wonderfully accommodating staff.


Thank you very much for organising a fantastic trip for us. The people who showed us around were outstanding and made our trip that much more enjoyable. Our day with Thami was a laugh from beginning until end, he also has a brain full of information about Fes. Salah was really a gem. We found him very easy to talk to and he answered our questions about culture and history. We felt he had become our friend. Hadu and Rashid were a pleasure and they also shared their knowledge of culture and history of Morocco. Hadu was very patient with my daughter and I shopping during our tour in Marrakech. Rashid made us feel very safe driving through snow, rain and cliff hanging roads. We hope one day we might be lucky enough to return to Morocco. I'll have no problem recommending your tour company to friends and colleagues.
L Instone, New Zealand, 2010


I just wanted to thank Morocco Explored- I had a wonderful time with my friend Lidia on our trip 2 weeks ago.  Other than a few mishaps where no one could find our riad in Marrakesh, everything was great.  Essalah was an
excellent driver and made our trip especially memorable.  I will definitely be recommending Morocco Explored to any of my friends who visit Morocco!
Thanks again!
S Hrapcak, USA & Portugal, 2010


Hi Robbin
I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful trip which you arranged for me & the girls. I have recommended you to several friends, as well as to a friend who runs a small part time travel agency.

I was surprised by the flexibility of the tour, & particularly want to express my appreciation of our driver, Hamou Amgoune, who was incredibly considerate, & sensitive to our every need. When he saw how interested  we were in Moroccan culture, traditions & history, & that we would be happy to see non tourist areas also, he made suggestions of places to visit that we would never have otherwise seen. It was wonderful to be in such a small, personalised tour.
Again, many thanks
M Merory, Australia, 2010


Hi Robin,
This is just to let you know that we were able to celebrate New year with our son thanks to you and Salah who organized our trip back. We enjoyed our trip and think it was a great trip. Well organized and well planned.

The driver Hassan who drove us back spoke excellent english and we were able to ask him questions etc. as opposed to Abdul who was really very nice but could not communicate with us on our way to the desert.

Thanks again....we will recommend your company to our friends.
Happy New Year.
M Thowfeek, USA, 2010


Dear Robbin and Essalah,
Thank you Morocco Explored! Our visit with you last week was exactly what we were hoping for, and more, and we wanted to let you know that, and thank you for your contribution to it. All the accommodation you arranged for us was very good, as was the transport (and of course the driver!). We received excellent advice on everything we wanted to do, and were very well looked after throughout. 

We are so glad that we persisted with the trip this year after the set-back in May, as we had a great time. So many rich memories of Marrakech and the mountains and desert. We will make sure that we recommend Morocco explored to all our friends, relatives and passing acquaintences who are thinking of going to Morocco. And I will now say the same on Trip Advisor.
Best wishes
J & S Threllfall, UK, 2010


Hi All,
We are in snowy Amsterdam after a very wet Lisbon and wanted to say what a fantastic time we had in Morocco. Hamou certainly made the trip for us but we also felt the coverage of the itinerary, choice of accommodation & provision if a high quality vehicle were excellent.

Alex and I had a fantastic time seeing many parts of Morocco we never would have seen if we had tried to do it by ourselves. We particularly enjoyed the camel trek and sleeping under the stars in the Sahara (a magical experience!); visiting the palmeraie, old Jewish village and a rug maker's house in Tinghir (our site guide Mohammed was great and we had fun learning some Berber words from him!); and staying in the beautiful accommodation arranged for us in the Dades Gorge. Our driver for the first two and a half days, Rashid, was a really nice guy and a great driver. It was a shame he couldn't see us all the way to Marrakech but our second driver, Mohammed, was nice too.

We felt safe and in good hands the whole time, except for a small incident at the very end. When we arrived in Marrakech Mohammed arranged for someone to walk us to our riad because he wasn't able to take us himself. We went with the other guy with the understanding that we should tip him for his trouble (Mohammed suggested 20 dirhams) but when we arrived at the door of our riad and tried to tip he refused what we offered and insisted on 100 dirhams. We refused and eventually he left with 20 (I remember the info pack even said 5 is appropriate if someone shows you the way in the medina!). I understand this sort of thing happens all the time in Marrakech and that he didn't have any affiliation with Morocco Explored, it was just a shame to end the trip on that note.

On the whole, our Morocco Explored trip has been a highlight of our time in Morocco and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the country.
Kind regards,
B Monk, Australia, 2010


You are so prompt and helpful, we really appreciate it so much...we now know why we felt that the other tour companies weren't for us....Duane was always saying to me there is someone or something great out there that we haven't come across as yet and then when we
saw your site we just knew it was right...The universe is an amazing thing....
D Watson, USA, 2010


I just wanted to write you a note with some feedback from our trip with Morocco Explored. I went on the Three Day tour from Marrakech and Essalah was our guide. Overall we had a wonderful experience. I am so glad I found your company and we were able to book with you. The trip was incredible. It is amazing how much we were able to see and experience in such a short amount of time. Salah was a great guide, the perfect balance between fun and professional. We had a great time and also learned a lot about the history and culture of Morocco. I will recommend a trip to Morocco and your tour company for any friends or family that are looking to travel. My only suggestion is on the day we go into the Jewish town. We were dropped off by Salah with a different guide who took us into the town. That was OK although I feel like when you book a tour you shouldn't be left without your guide. What bothered me the most about this day was our new guide left us at a carpet store and we had to listen to an hour long sales pitch and were pressured to purchase carpets. The entire group was extremely uncomfortable and wanting to leave but didn't know where our guide had gone (turns out he was waiting for us outside but we didn't know that at the time). This was the only part of the tour that left me disapointed. Hopefully on future tours you can avoid this situation.
We did have a great experience apart from the carpet store. Thank you very much and please tell Salah that we thought he did a wonderful job.
Warm Regards,
E Bair, USA, 2010


We travel with you to the sahara from 26-28dec 2010. We're from Taiwan. First, we wanna thank you for giving us  amazing experience. It was unforgettable. Second is that we really appreciate our driver, Lahrby(?),and would like to give him some souvenir that we brought from Taiwan.
All the best,
E Chien and Y Tseng, China 2010


Dear Robbin, Essalah and Hamou,
Thank you so much for our incredible trip through Morocco!  We can't believe all the things that we saw and all the truly fabulous people we met.  The highlights are too numerous to name, but I suppose that the Dades gorge, Erg Chebbi and Ouzoud were our favourite places. When we go through our photos, I'll send on some of the best ones!
Many many thanks and we'll see you again, enshalla.
E Lefabvre and P Kennedy, Ireland, 2010


Hi Robbin,
I have sooooo much to tell you, our trip was amazing, the itinerary you planned for us was perfect... Morocco is a complete sensory overload and I can sure see why you love it so much! I've just edited the first 200 of our 650+ photos and can hardly focus my eyes anymore. Morocco Explored feels almost like family... I'm so full of Morocco all I want to do is talk about it, relive it over & over and make plans to go back. It just gets right into your soul doesn't it... like the desert sand in your travel bags.
C Pollard, Canada, 2009


THANK YOU! thank you, thank you!!!
J Kurtz, Canada, 2009


Hello Robbin, Salah and Pasha Hamou:
Thank you so much for making my trip to Morocco so memorable. What a beautiful and diverse and friendly country.

Robbin - thank you for all the organizing and answering all our questions so promptly. Salah - thank you for your humour, guidance, organizing, driving and friendship. Though I must say I could not figure out what that crazy driver was up to on the mountain road when I moved out of the way and he kept creeping up with the vehicle. Should have known it would be you. What fun that you made the effort to meet up there. And thanks also for always checking in with us to see if we were having a good time. Maybe you were really checking on Hamou to make sure we had not driven him crazy yet.

Pasha Hamou - You are amazing. I cannot imagine anyone doing more to make our trip memorable and all we imagined. Your knowledge of history, little known places, plants, animals and food added to our good time. The trips to the local markets for supplies for snacks and picnics and finding the perfect place to have our special lunches was so thoughtful. The desert was a blast - next time we race the 4-wheelers on the dunes and leave the guide behind. Making a table of sand for us on the dunes for our "sister celebration" and pulling out some snacks to go along with our wine was very appreciated. Lunch with a Berber family and a private concert by Hassan is just one of the multitude of special things you did for us.

All in all, our trip was truly grand. Essaouira was lovely and just what we needed at the beginning of the trip. The riad we stayed at (in Marrakech) was lovely. Maria served our dinner each night up on the terrace. She always asked what we wanted for our dinner. Her family is so friendly and welcoming. They would all come to the door to greet us. The hamam was delightful. As you said, Thami was a wonderful guide in Fez. I am sure there are more jewels to see in Morocco. Our 3 weeks flew by. Big squishy hugs to all.
A Beauchimin, Canada, 2009


Just wanted to say thanks you for making my trip to Morocco a real adventure. The country was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined and the people a true delight as we were welcomed everywhere. and there is still so much more to see, even 3 weeks was not enough.

A special thank you to Hamou who put up with 3 crazy canucks for almost 3 weeks. Hamou made every day a new adventure, a botany class, a history lesson and there wasn't anything he wouldn't try and make happen for us. Picnics when we could fit it in, prickly pear lessons on the side of the road, lunch with Hassan and his drum concert, meeting up with Salah at the top of the Atlas mountains, stops at Marjane's for "supplies", totally awesome off roading (even if he did leave me on a desert road and I am sure dragging me up a sand dune was way beyond the call of duty. Needless to say sleeping under the stars in the Sahara was magical. Hamou will always be our Pasha Hamou - he is a very special person.

Shukran and I really do hope to be able to return one day - Insha Allah.
Kindest Regards
B Beauchemin, Canada, 2009


Back in September my husband and I did a tour with Morocco Explored. Before setting out you answered many questions; in particular (about) the roads and you really helped to allay my fears of driving through the mountains. I have to say that you were absolutely right about as they were better than many roads I've encountered in Europe and New Zealand.

So a big thank you to you for your accurate and reassuring description of what to expect. Without that information we likely would have missed out on an amazing trip with our guide Hamou. We could not have imagined such a wonderful guide. Over the course of our three days with him we came to think of him as a friend. He is a truly unique person who made our journey from Marrakech, to the desert and then on to Fez fantastic. He was so incredibly knowledgeable about so many things, he showed that he truly cared for us and about our time in Morocco. In Hamou you have a rare gem and I can't begin to express how much he contributed to our journey.

Hamou has a pure, genuine and generous spirit and through this email I wanted to express our thanks to him by ensuring that Morocco Explored is aware of just how wonderful he is (although I'm sure you have heard this from others who have been fortunate enough to be on a tour with him).
L Chamberlain, Canada, 2009


Our trip to Morocco has been our favorite vacation of all time! We still talk (and dream) about our amazing adventures there. Essalah, Hamou, and the fact that Morocco Explored did all the trip planning really made all the difference. Hamou was a fantastic guide and we learned a great deal about Moroccan life, culture and history.
Thank you!!!
J Kerr, USA, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know what a wonderful time we had with Morocco Explored. Thank you for a truly magical experience in a beautiful country. Mom had a wonderful 85th birthday. I will highly recommend your trips to anyone I know heading in that direction. I hope to return to Morocco with the rest of my family in the next few years.
J Slaton, USA, 2008


We found our Morocco experience very pleasant and will recommend your company to friends in the future. We found Essalah to be very pleasant company and an excellent companion. We would also like to commend the camel guide Adi on the desert trip, he gave excellent service and was attentive at all times.

We found the accommodation was generally of a good standard and were pleasantly surprised, and thank you and your company for a pleasant and pleasurable experience.

On a personal note, I was very impressed by your own story as explained to us by Essalah, and commend you on your charitable work.
S Halik, UK, 2008


We would just like to thank you for providing such a wonderful experience-our Morocco tour was simply the best experience we have had of our 8 month tour of Europe, Turkey and Egypt.

We loved every minute and will never forget this fantastic experience. The places we visited were fascinating, the accommodations and food great. Value for money compared to other providers and also it was great to have our freedom to do what we wanted. Thanks to our driver, Abdul-some tricky places he took us (gorges) which made it even more exciting! Thanks to Essalah who met us at the start and half way through our trip and was great to chat to.
Would recommend this trip (desert and camel etc) to anyone and the country itself-WOW!
J Dash, New Zealand 2008


We have recently returned from our trip and wanted to let you know that we had a FANTASTIC time. The itinerary you put together was perfect and we felt that each day allowed us to learn more about the country and the culture of the people. In addition, each of the four drivers we had added a different dimension to our trip which we enjoyed greatly.

I apologize again for all the e-mails I had sent to you and would like to tell you once again how much I appreciate the time you put forth in promptly replying to them.

I have already done some advertising for Morocco Explored as I showed the Morocco photos from our camera to a woman who sat near me on the plane ride home from Lisbon then wrote down the website address for her since she expressed interest in a future trip to Morocco. Feel free to give our names to anyone who may ask for references, as I would be more than happy to promote your company.
D Danbom, USA, 2008


The tour as a whole was absolutely wonderful, fascinating, unbelievable! Folks in our small town in the southern U.S. cannot possible understand the magnitude of the fabulous sites, cultures, and people we experienced during our Morocco Explored tour. Our very busy itinerary allowed us to experience so much of Morocco and its' exceptional beauty and the amazing natural and ancient sites. Everywhere, the people seemed kind, unhurried and pleased to welcome us.

Your help and insight with our (7 day) itinerary was so correct. It was a lot of driving, but we wanted to see and do all we could during our Morocco visit. We felt we had an excellent overview of Morocco and the vast differences within: gorgeous coast, Sahara, desert areas, oasis, High Atlas mountains (some snow), Anti-Atlas scrub, farm land, Argon trees and surrounding area, Atlantic ports, busy cities and quaint kasbahs and villages.

THANKS for such a great, memorable vacation with grown children. Someday I hope to return to Morocco for an extended time in order to enjoy each beautiful area of this varied country.
R Richardson and family, USA, 2008


I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful tour you organized for me and my parents back in January/February.

We had an amazing eight days traveling a circuit that went from Casablanca through Marrakech to the desert, to Fez and back to Casablanca. The highlights of our tour were many. But here are just a few:

• Staying with Maria and Mohammed in Marrakech was a real pleasure. They are a delightful couple who truly welcomed us into their beautiful home.

• The camel ride into the desert to watch the sunset was one of those once in a lifetime, take-your-breath-away experiences that should not be missed by anyone traveling through Morocco.

• Our guide in Fez was outstanding. He completely knew his stuff and had a real talent for keeping us entertained while being truly wise and informative. We learnt a lot from Tami in Fez…and not just about the history of the place…but about deeper things like faith, culture and politics and the like.

• And last, but definitely not least, is our driver Essalah. Essalah knows everybody in Morocco…is completely in control of every situation…and is totally cool! And his parking skills in Marrakech! You would think he was parking a mini not a whopping big 4 wheel drive! Essalah also added a bit of style to our trip with his wonderfully flamboyant attire. At some locations it felt like we were traveling with a rock star, with other tourists desperately trying to steal photos when he wasn’t looking! Essalah is very good at his job and he worked hard to make sure that our tour was a great experience from beginning to end. Our trip would not have been the same without him.

Thank you again Robbin. My parents and I had the trip of a lifetime with Morocco Explored and we continue to sing your praises to anyone who will listen.
A Cooper family, New Zealand, 2008


We consider our time in Morocco as one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Thanks, in no little measure, to you. I have attached some precious memories to share with you. Regards,
L Carr, Australia 2008


Just a quick note to let you know what a wonderful time we had with Morocco Explored. Thank you for a truly magical experience in a beautiful country. Mom had a wonderful 85th birthday. I will highly recommend your trips to anyone I know heading in that direction. I hope to return to Morocco with the rest of my family in the next few years.
J Slaton, USA, 2008


We would like to let you know that we had a great trip with Morocco Explored... a very organized tour company and our trip itinerary ran smoothly. The four of us on the 5 days/4 nights desert tour were extremely pleased with your service and driver. All of us in our party were impressed with his excellent driving skills especially driving thru the Atlas Mountains region. We found our trip in the Land Cruiser very safe, relaxing and stress free. We enjoyed the music and entertainment.

You treated us... with respect and kindness. We all learned a lot in the five days. You were very accommodating when we wanted special stops or for having different lunches. You were very professional, listened to us and were fun to be with. It was a memorable trip.

After our five days of touring we were looking for a couple of days of R & R; you recommended Sidi Kaouki, it was one of the highlights of our trip to Morocco. The hotel, dinners and beach were out of this world. It was everything you said it would be.

Thanks for making our trip to Morocco special. We would definitely use Morocco Explored again and highly recommend to others.
R Purdy and family, Canada 2007


My significant other and I traveled to Morocco for 18 days, me for the first time, my SO is an old hand at this country. This is a trip I've been dying to go on for 15 years. I definitely wanted to do a camel trip to Erg Chebbi but we were having a devil of a time finding a tour we felt comfortable with -- that is, until I found Morocco Explored and spoke on the phone with Robbin Yager.

Not only did she encourage us to explore the trip in a different way than we were originally thinking, but she has continuously and graciously advised me about other plans, even though her company's services are not involved. I have changed our itinerary based on her recommendations and every one of them have turned out superb.

In particular, I want to thank her forever for convincing us to go to Essaouria rather than Agadir. She also suggested minimizing our time in Casablanca, which was spot on. By the way, Morocco is absolutely fabulous... I will probably come back again.
B White and SO, USA 2007


Had a wonderful time in Morocco. Thank you very much for your planning and advice. Time went so quickly but we seemed to do so much within the time we had there. Essalah kept us all amused and entertained for the 8 days, more so with his wit, and driving skills!!! Even talked him into sampling some vegemite!
L Taig and family, Australia 2006


Im just emailing to let you know that we had an amazing time in Morocco. The experience was more than we could have ever expected. Essalah was the best. He really kept the spirit alive in our group, and showed us a great time. The trip really wouldn't have been the same without him. We had alot of fun, and I'm really glad that we decided to book a tour with Morocco Explored. Thank you very much for an experience we will never forget.
L Ito and friends, Canada and UK 2006


On the whole, our trip was fantastic - thank you very much! The people we met were so very nice, and the scenery was unique and unlike anything we've seen before. Once I got used to the practice of haggling, that was fun too.

Although no one in my family speaks (much) French, Arabic or Berber, we had no trouble meeting and interacting with the locals - in fact it increased the charm of the trip.

Ouzoud - WOW!!! What an amazing place... the hotel was also fabulous. I think the sitting area on the second floor is my favorite place in Morocco. I could spend hours there just sitting looking into the valley and listening to the water fall. I really regret not spending 3 days in Ouzoud.

We got to Merzouga late (8 pm) after stopping at Essalah's house. His family was amazingly kind and at the end of the visit, I felt I had a new set of family. What tremendous people. When we left, I told Salah that it would be near impossible to top that experience. We started the camel trek late due to the long travel time and seeing the stars at night and the sun rise in the morning was exactly what I'd hoped.
J Zimmerman family, USA 2006


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New Years Eve Desert Tours


Hi there
We just wanted to thank you for the fantastic trip we took with Morocco Explored while in Marrakech!! What started out to be a four person adventure ended up with 14 of us caravanning through the Atlas Mountains. Everyone was so happy that they had "joined the group" as they enjoyed the adventure so much.

One of the requests that we have is whether you would be able to provide us with a map of the route that we took. Everyone what's to show their friends and family where they went. Is this something that you could mail to me and I could copy for the others?

Again, thanks so much for the wonderful experience!!
L McNary, Canada, 2010


Dear Hamou and Salah and Robin:
Thanks so much for making possible the time we spent in Morocco. Both Hammou and Salah were amazing in their own way. They taught us about the country, their heritage and culture and translated for us a lot more than Arabic and French. Their energy, will to help, and pride about their land was contagious and hard to forget.
A Malamud, USA, 2010


I just wanted to say thanks for a great tour, this new years. We had such a great time and have memories we will treasure forever. I also want to say a special thanks to our driver, Abdul. Apart from being the first Moroccan who wasn't trying to haggle us, and even though his English was limited (it was still fun trying to communicate with him - the love that he has for his country and heritiage was evident, and it made us feel a little bit special that he was showing us this place he clearly loves. Hopefully we'll be on another tour soon! Thanks again.
L Schulze & D Bergen, UK, 2009


Thank you for you good (New Years) wishes. We wish you the same, and more!! We consider our time in Morocco as one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Thanks, in no little measure, to you. I have attached some precious memories to share with you. Regards,
L Carr & family, Australia, 2009


Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the card! I fully intended to email to say what a fantastic time we had in Morocco. You looked after us brilliantly - and Hammou was a great driver and companion too. We had good fun together - and he took some brilliant pictures for us. Time has rushed by and of course Christmas has been a very busy time as always. We've just had our fourth day of partying - and now need to get ready for New Years - another party! Thank you so much for helping to make our holiday such a fantastic and memorable time. Our three nights in Marrakesh were also facinating - hope we will visit again some day. Here is our Christmas card for you - we sent the same to all our friends! Happy New Year!
With love,
Willis family, UK, 2009


Thanks a lot for your mail and thanks a lot for your fidelity to (hotel) Tomboctou and our team. We are very glad to have you here and will do the outmost to always be at your entire disposal. This writer is impressed of the way and speed you did grow your entreprise and has already told this to Mr. Sallah.
Till soon then,
Edi manager of kasbah tomboctou, morocco, 2009


I am a New Zealander and when talking with some friends in Qatar about travelling in Morocco, your tour company came up. They, with a couple of other friends travelled with you in December 2006. They RAVED about their experience with you!! Saying that it was the best trip they have ever done!!
A future traveller, 2008


I just wanted to let you know that we all had a great time! Essalah did a great job of getting us to all the places we hoped to see and the timing was fine. Both my friends were extremely happy with the trip, the experiences and the photos they got (we will see more as they get them developed). So... thank you VERY much for making it such a wonderful tour. This was their one trip to Morocco so I am glad it was a positive one (that was my job! [:)]
V Bowler, Morocco 2007


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M'Goun Massif Walking Treks


Hi Robbin
This was the first time that we had taken part in an organized trek and I must say that we enjoyed the experience in almost every respect. The scenery was fantastic and walking on old mule-tracks gave us a real sense of being where not too many visitors have been before. We were agreeably surprised at being able to cope with the high level walking and will be looking for other similar treks to do in the future and would be happy to deal with you again.

The canyon river-walking - the scenery was spectacular and walking in the river was good fun. The ride on the mules we got part way through added a bit of extra excitement - I'm sure the guide was right to be concerned about the danger of flash floods although there was no problem in the event.

The guide clearly knew the area well and when we were able to ask him questions he was able to give us interesting and well-informed answers. All the other people involved in the trek were great. The mule drivers were excellent – and the guide who picked us up at the last auberge was everything we could have wished for, discussing politics, history, music etc etc and taking us out of the way sightseeing.

The meals were fine - the tagines in the tent at night and Hassan's trail-mix being particularly memorable. The wild camping all worked out fine and was very enjoyable especially on the wonderful bright starry nights.

So overall - a very memorable trip - lots of photos, and memories, nothing that would put us off trying another expedition with Morocco Explored.

Best regards
L & K Morss, scotland, 2011


Overall the trek was good but could have been improved. We did not summit,there was snow when we arrived at the refuge. From my Scottish winter experience it would still have been ok but Hassan the guide had neither the boots needed or the training to be confident to do it. A French group also did not make the attempt so I guess this was industry standard. Hassan could have been more communicative. This I think was partly personality, largely poor English and partly toothache. We fed him antibiotics. Kate and les will give their own view.
I would suggest that for old people like us it would be much better to have tables and chairs and a mess tent for them even at the cost of an extra mule. This works on mnt kenya. The mulers and Food were very good although cooked lunches were not really necessary. The lack of tourists on this route meant that one night had toilet facilities of black hole of Calcutta standard. The route was of medium interest in walking terms but worth the experience of a gasoline and electricity free culture even if very closed to outsiders. The route description was not accurate, we walked in the river on three days. Too much.
I appreciated the flexibility of your organisation in organising this trek.
h cooke, scotland, 2011


"I just wanted to write you and say that I really enjoyed our trek in Morocco and thought that Morocco Explored did a great job. I have already passed your company's name onto others who are thinking of travelling to Morocco with my recommendation."

"I want to thank you for one of the most incredible adventures of my whole life. I am still trying to assimilate everything that we did - it was a most awesome experience, one I won't forget. I think it would be pretty hard to top that one. At this point, I don't even want to try. Thanks for everything."

"Our Morocco trek was a full of adventure, every day was different. If you like change and have lots of energy, this trek is for you. The food was the best because I didn't have to lift a finger. Lots of thought was put into arranging the cut up veggies, the Tagine was different every day, and we never got tired of this delicious food. We were well cared for and had a great adventure."

"I enjoyed the trek very much. It was a real stretch for me in may ways but so glad I was able to do it. I've never seen developing countries up close before. It's made me aware of how blessed we are to live in country with an abundance of everything. The whole experience was enlightening, the group of people were amazing. I survived and now I know I could go on another trekking trip. Thank you again, it was amazing."

"I'm unable to fully describe my experience trekking in Morocco, words alone cannot describe feelings and amazement which I experienced. It was life altering in so many ways… hard to come back and carry on with my busy life."

"Morocco people are amazing, especially the villagers, nomads, trekking guides, and mule handlers. Family and friends are their priority and they are a very proud people. Their work ethics are highly admirable. I especially love the Berber people… thank you Robbin and Salah. An incredible life experience I will never forget. I'm forever altered for the better. The way I carry myself and hold my friends and family. Again- thank you."

I just wanted to write you and say that I really enjoyed our trip in Morocco this Fall and thought that Morocco Explored did a great job. I have already passed your company's name onto others who are thinking of travelling to Morocco with my recommendation. I am home now and back at work and into the normal routine.

These comments were from the Chilliwack Outdoor Club, 2010 9 day traverse of the High Atlas and summit of M'Goun.


We have recently returned from 9 wonderful days trekking in the High Atlas Mountains with Morocco Explored. We loved everything about the trip; the organisation of the trip, the well chosen route, our guide Mohammed and his team of mulists Brahim and Abdouhl, and the food. It was a true adventure and so much more "real" than previous treks we have done with bigger, well known, international companies.

Accomodation was a mixture of camping and gites and on the last night we were even invited to one of the mulists home for dinner.

If you are looking for a professional, friendly adventure in Morocco then I thoroughly recommend Morocco Explored.
L Hollands, Australia, 2008


The (M'goun) trek was absolutely one of the real highlights of the trip. Yesterday, I received two CD's and once I looked through the photos I realized just how great the trek really was. If people contact you about trekking my response would be that the M'Goun region is a must do!!!!
T&A Magee, Canada 2006.


High Atlas Walking Treks


I hope that you are well in Marrakech. Sorry this has taken me so long to get back to you but I just wanted to say thanks for all of assistance you gave us with organising the trek in the High Atlas Mountains.

Steve and I had a fantastic time and Mohammed was amazing (he spoke 5 languages). He was professional, informative and a lot of fun. The meals were amazing and the trek took us through some amazing scenery that was different each day. It was the highlight of our trip to Morocco and we have recommended it to all of our friends. My only regret was that we thought that we had taken more cash with us on the trek as we intended on giving Mohammed a bigger tip as he really was brilliant.
H Deas, Australia 2007


We had a great trek! Everything was really well organised, the guide was very informed, friendly and we got on well with him.

The food was fantastic, so much fresh fruit and vegetables and everything was presented beautifully. Everybody that we met and the muleteers were extremely friendly and helpful. Best of all was the birthday candles and chocolates on Dannys 36th and also the bottle of wine and the phone call from your colleague who we met in Marrakech was such a nice touch.

We definitely would choose your company again should we decide on future treks or tours in Morocco.
F Murphy, Switzerland 2007


You have been recommended by a friend who used your company recently and said you were fantastic! We definitely want to do a trek of some description and will book through you.
A future trekker! 2007


Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! The vehicle and the drivers on our trip were excellent, as was the food (although there was usually too much of it!). The guides were very good.

The High Atlas trekking ghites on the first two nights were nicer than I expected (the second night in particular), but I enjoyed the home-stay on the third night more because it gave us a chance to interact with a Berber family. For the same reason, the lunch we had with a family on the third day was a highlight of the trek.
T Hamerlinck, USA 2007



Saghro Massif Walking Treks


The Saghro Trek felt like more of an adventure than the High Atlas trek, in part because there were so few tourists in the area. The ghites and campsites were great. I really enjoyed our trip and would recommend Morocco Explored to others.
T Hamerlinck, USA 2007


Thanks for all of your help in putting together our trek which was a fantastic experience. The muler crew in particular – Ahmed, Hussein and Hassan were hard working, great cooks, and good companions. Their sense of humor transcended the language barrier, and they really made us feel welcome and part of their culture. We particularly enjoyed the nightly serenade by Hussein with backup vocals from his two compatriots.

We were also very happy with the guide Lhassan whose good humor kept us going through the tough days of the trek. In particular his services were invaluable in negotiating the taxi rides, something that would have been very difficult on our own.

They (the guide and mulers) all gave us service above and beyond the call of duty... they showed endless patience and good spirits.
D Dobson and family, USA 2006



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